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    Hi all

    I'm planning a trip to the Us from the UK for February to combine my 2 favourite things - Snowboarding and Photography.

    I fly into Denver for a few nights in Vail before I catch a train to Salt Lake City and visit Snowbird for a few days. This is where it gets interesting - I want to drive from SLC to Bend in Oregon. I'm not sure of the best route or how long this takes but after a few nights in Bend I'd like to travel to Crater Lake, Redwood National Park in California and then drive up the length of the Oregon Coast, eventually ending up in Seattle to catch a flight back to England.

    I will be travelling alone with only a camera for company.

    I guess my main questions are...
    Should I forget the train part and just drive from Denver to Vail and onto Snowbird?
    Is it possible to drive from Salt Lake City to Bend in a day (esp in winter)?
    How long should I allow to drive the Oregon Coast? I've got between 3-5 days after I leave Bend to get to Seattle...

    All advice / comments / observations much appreciated.

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    I would suggest planning for two days for the trip from Salt Lake City to Bend. It's about 675 miles by the quickest route, which can be done with a long day behind the wheel, but with weather being questionable and your traveling alone, I wouldn't push it.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I guess my first question would be: How do you plan to get from Denver to Vail? I suppose you could take the train or get a shuttle, and then take the train from Vail to Salt Lake City, but the sad truth is that the train system is not up to the standards you are used to in the UK. I would just go ahead and pick up a car as soon as you land in Denver and forego all the different methods of travel currently on your plate. There will be one added benefit in that the one-way drop-off charge for leaving the car in a city different from where you pick it up will be considerably smaller if the pick-up and drop-off points are both major cities.

    The fastest route from Salt Lake City to Bend is I-15 north and I-84 west to Ontario, OR and then US-20west to Bend. This is just over 650 miles and can be made in one very hard (and I do mean very hard) day of driving. Plan on getting an early start and make use of the fact that you will change time zones on the journey, and so will get an 'extra' hour in that day. But don't plan on doing anything else that day but driving. If the weather doesn't co-operate, you will of course be looking at much longer travel times.

    As for things to do in the Pacific Northwest, I can't do better than to point you to these posts by Judy, who lives there and has traveled extensively through the area. I am currently using her advice as I plan a trip of my own there next fall.


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