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    This looks like a great site and nice to see everyone helping each other out and giving sound advice.

    I'm from the UK and I'm planning to visit the US in March for a month. My room mate and I are hoping to fly into new york and travel over to San Fransisco and LA.

    We're thinking about hiring a car but this looks quite costly. Our budgets are about $5000 each.

    Would be great if you had any advice of the best places to stop off or the routes and roads.

    Many Thanks

    Sola UK

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    Default The Basics are Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Thanks for the compliments. As to the car, be sure to shop around among several car hire companies as there is a fair spread in prices, both in the rental and the one-way drop-off fees. By using the Travel Reservations button on the green tool bar above, you can compare pretty much all the major companies. But $10,000 is a very comfortable budget for a month long cross country trip.

    The basic route is just I-80 from New York all the way to San Francisco, and then by all means take the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) down to Los Angeles. As to what to see, that would depend on your interests, but you can start by browsing through the lists in this thread to get some ideas of what's available.

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    Default Don't want to drive...

    How about the train?

    I can't say that I've ever done this, and I'm not a shill for Amtrak, but I wonder if a train trip from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles wouldn't be a lot of fun and very scenic. You could spend a few days in the major cities, rent/hire cars to go to nearby attractions such as Yellowstone or Yosemite National Parks (or take bus tours) and relax along the way. Being from the UK this would seem like a natural.

    Just a thought. Here's the website for further research

    If you do decide to do it, let us know how much it will cost, and how you liked it.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years


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