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    Default Chicago or...

    Laura will not become the crazy cat lady. Long story - had arranged to have this coming Monday and Tuesday off and was going to try to get together with a friend. Well - that blew up spectacularly (friend would rather hang out with someone else) so now I'm stuck with two vacation days and no backbone to show up to work on Monday. I figure I have two options - have a good cry, drink too much wine and head someplace I've never been before or cement my role as the crazy cat lady and go out and adopt 10 more cats. Well, the last time I went for the crazy cat lady role it only netted me 5 fat and slightly deranged cats that are sleeping on my livingroom couch as we speak. So, I think I'll go with option one.

    After consuming a large quantity of wine and 1/2 a daquiri with a friend last night I started batting around several ideas. Texas, Arkansas, etc when it hit me. Chicago. It's cold (therefore removes me completely from Louisiana), there's potentially snow (I've never really seen snow) and it's supposed to be an awesome city. I know that I want to see the Field Museum, Lake Michigan, and just kind of wander around the downtown. Here's where I need help. I need RTA to help me not cement my role as the crazy cat lady and try to figure out some ways that I can entertain myself while Chicago.

    Best news - I can finally wear the ugly snow boots I bought a couple of years ago because they were on sale for $5 and all the woolen stuff that I've knitted. Woohoo!

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    Default I would just drive up the Great River Road


    I would just start driving up the Great River Road until you reach a town you want to hang in and stay overnight a couple of nights and then head south again. Chicago is too far away for 2 day round-trip trip.


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