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    My first post. Just been looking at driving across the US myself today. I 've looked at taking Route 50 from Ocean City to Sacremento. Not even looked at costs or anything yet. Also looked at trekamerica and there are some good deals on there. Starting West Coast, Grand Canyon, Vegas etc etc. Im gonna keep looking and eventually get around to costing the trips but im at the age now (38) that i want to be doing something like this sooner than later. There's so much to see in the vast country its hard to choose an itinery. Id like to go in a group but all the pals are either boringly set in their own ways or married. My girlfriend wont be happy but hey ho, thats life. If anyone has any plans to go alone be good to hear from you.

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    Default well

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    An All US-50 trip would be fun and interesting, and several posters have done the trip before and had a good time. Of course, US-50 does go anywhere near vegas or the grand canyon, so that's clearly one disadvantage of trip dedicated to one highway.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for another person to join you on this trip or do you have some questions we can help you answer?

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    Thanks for your reply Michael.

    To be honest there's so many things i would like to see and im very easily "wowed" so either trip would be unbelievable. I considered the route 50 long haul route 1st and wondered on cost, hotels, car hire etc. Then i thought it might take too much planning and thats when i saw the Trek America hols. Early days yet though. I'm guessing ill need around £3000 for a budget if i really want to see as much as i can in 3/4 weeks. Thats gonna take some saving. If i need any help i now know where to come and ask.

    Thanks Al

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    Default I would vote for the Lincoln Highway instead

    Quote Originally Posted by stryker2001 View Post
    I 've looked at taking Route 50 from Ocean City to Sacramento.
    I have driven most of US-50 over the years -- I would suggest that a cooler route would be the old Lincoln Highway. A couple of resources to aid in your decision:

    US-50: Jamie Jensen's "RoadTrip USA" has detailed route info.
    Lincoln Highway: Brian Butko's "Greetings From The Lincoln Highway: America's First Coast-to Coast Road"


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    sounds good, more searching on t'internet for me then ?

    Ive been google Earthing route 50. Is this sad ? lol

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    Default Very normal

    Quote Originally Posted by stryker2001 View Post
    Ive been google Earthing route 50. Is this sad ? lol
    No - it makes you fit in around here more than anything! That's a good tool to help give you a bit of a preview of what you can expect to see on any route.

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