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  1. Default I need your 2 cents, taking US rental into Canada

    I live in the east coast (Fort Erie, ONT) and I plan to fly from Buffalo (cheaper than flying out of Toronto and closer) to Seattle in order to and rent a car to visit Vancouver, BC. I've booked my flights, planned my itinerary, made all the reservations and I just learned about *the rule* and I'm freaking. Anyone know of a good *legal* story that will allow me to pass ?

    Here is what I've come up with so far....

    Version 1:
    "I was in BC and [somehow, ie: took greyhound, got a lift] I arrived in Seattle. Upon arriving Seattle, [something happened, ie: received a phone call] that required me to return to Vancouver to [get my household goods/personal effects]. The solution was to rent a car from Seattle to drive up to Vancouver."

    What would make this story possible ? What is this hardship circumstance ? Could the hardship be that my buddy from BC who on their way to California gave me the lift to Seattle in order to send me home to Fort Erie, and I realized i forgot something, and I have no way of getting back ?

    The more complicated *the lie*, the harder it is to cross the border back into Canada.

    Any good stories based on the rules and conditions given below ?

    Canadian citizens are prohibited from driving a non-Canadian rental vehicle into Canada, except under hardship circumstances

    - the conveyance, while in Canada is to be used solely for the transportation of a resident and accompanying persons from the point of arrival in Canada directly to a specified destination in Canada and from the specified destination to a destination outside Canada;
    - in the case of a resident other than a commuter, the conveyance is to be imported only for the purpose of transporting his household or personal effects into or out of Canada, or for personal transportation as a result of an emergency or unforeseen contingency

  2. Default maybe a dumb question but...

    why not straight into Vancouver?

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    Default I don't see how we can help you

    Quote Originally Posted by canadien View Post
    I live in the east coast (Fort Erie, ONT) and I plan to fly from Buffalo (cheaper than flying out of Toronto and closer) to Seattle in order to and rent a car to visit Vancouver, BC.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum -- This is a public forum -- I really think it unwise to ask for advice for committing fraud herein. Don't break the law.


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    Default a swap?

    I've heard of the rule before, but I think you might be able to drive the rental car to the nearest agency in Canada, and then swap it out for a Canadian car.

    I'm not 100% sure about this however, and I think your best bet will be to contact some rental agencies in Seattle and see if they have had to handle this problem before.

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