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  1. Default Las Vegas-Grand Canyon-San Diego-Los Angeles....need some help please!!

    I am flying to Las Vegas on the 19th of December and returning back to London on the 31st from Los Angeles. I intend on staying in Vegas from the 19th-21st. I am going to hire a car. I want to go to the Grand Canyon and do a couple of hikes (perhaps also something on the river?-is this possible in December/ would it be too cold?). I was planning on driving from Las Vegas on the 22nd via Hoover Dam to the south rim of the grand canyon. I would probably stay there for 1 or 2 nights and then head for Lake Havasu (staying one night here) and then on to Palm Springs (1 night here). From Palm springs I was planning on going to San Diego (perhaps cross into Mexico- Tijuana). I would stay in San Diego for two nights and then on to Los Angeles (visit universal studios + hollywood etc etc).

    I was wondering if people could give me an opinion on this road trip. Are there any ways I could improve it? Perhaps by picking a slightly different route? My main aim is to go on scenic routes and spend time in some cool/random/remote places. ( I guess lake havasu and palm springs don't fit this criteria!) I would really appreciate some ideas/thoughts/suggestions. Also, what would weather be like in December in these areas?


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    I think on the surface your trip looks fine. The Grand Canyon area is the one part of the trip where you are most likely to run into some snow, however, you still should be able to go on a nice hike. Going all the way to the river and back in one day would be a pretty huge undertaking, and its probably too late to make reservation to spend the night at the bottom of the hill, especially considering that this trip will be over the holidays.

    In fact, that would probably be my biggest concern overall. Hotels in some of these areas can fill up quickly, since many many people travel over the time where you will be traveling. While I often don't think reservations are needed, this is a case where you might want to think about that soon.

  3. Default Same trip?

    Hey hey, I am having the same trip as well. Just that I will start from LA :) Still trying to refine my trip.

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