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  1. Default December Road Trip. Ideas welcome.

    Hi Folks,

    I am heading out of South Florida at the beginning of December. I just quit my job and I will pack up all my stuff and put it into storage. But, I will bring all my camping gear with me in my truck.

    I am looking at visiting places that are nice to visit in December. Being from South Florida, I a welcome the cold weather, so that won't stop me.

    I've already been up the East Coast as far a Vermont last year. I visited Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and S. Dakota the year before. I thought I might hit Alabama, Kansas, Missiouri, Iowa. But, I change my mind everyday. Any ideas on where to visit?

    I plan on camping when I can, sleeping in my back seat of my truck, a motel every 3rd or 4th night otherwise taking a daily shower at the travel plazas.
    Food, I will bring a cooler and fill that up with groceries to keep costs down, but also eat at resturants.

    But, I also want to meet people and don't necessarily want to go to a bar for that. Where does a traveler meet nice people to hear about where they live and get to know the people and the area?

    I like watch beautiful dawn and dusk settings. I want to get exercise everyday while I am sightseeing. Sometimes it feels like all I do is drive in the truck.

    Thank you all ahead of time for any suggestions. I am excited about what I will hear from you all.


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    Default Sounds Like You're 90+% of the Way There

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've got some experience and a travel style that suits you. You know what you want to accomplish. It sounds like all you need is a destination to get this thing rolling. I like your idea of seeing some of the South and Midwest. I've recently done some driving through both regions and there was more than enough to keep me busy, exercised, amused and engaged with the locals. I'm going to suggest that as a unifying theme, you explore the Great River Road. There are a ton of great parks and small towns along there. A few that I've really enjoyed have been Vicksburg, MS; Ste. Genevieve and Hannibal, MO; Keokuk, IA; and Nauvoo, IL - but that is by no means an exhaustive list. A somewhat different return route could be down through Kentucky and central Tennessee and then take some back roads through the small towns along the Georgia-Alabama border.

    There is no great secret to getting people to talk to you. First you talk to them. Ask about their town for starters. Ask what's worth seeing. Start at the local libraries and visitor centers, but also talk to waitresses, store clerks, people you meet walking and hiking. Most people are more than willing to take a few minutes anyway to brag about their towns and talk about themselves.


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