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    hello there, just looking for a bit of advise if anyone could help,me and me 2 mates are heading to san francisco in march , we will be stayin there for 4 days then we have to make our own way to san diego and have 12 days to do that,just wondering what do ye reckon would be a good route and what are good places to see along the way,were 21 so would be interested in places with a good nitelife and with lots of girls our own age,and wanna be in someplace good for patricks day.and we were thinkin of headin to tijuana for a day or too, would ye recomend that, and would the weather be very hot in march,would much appreciate any advice ye could give us.thanks

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    Céad Míle Fáilte!

    You could make the drive from San Francisco to San Diego in a day, so you'll have lots of time to take the scenic route and do a little bird watching along the way. Plan to come down through Monterey and Carmel, and then take the Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1, along the Big Sur Coast. Absolutely Fabulous! Plan also on spending some time in Los Angeles if you really want night life. Probably the greatest concentration of women your own age (besides on the beaches) will be found on college campuses, of which there are a multitude. Take a stroll around Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara, the big schools in Los Angeles: UCLA and USC, in Pasadena: Cal Tech and the Art Center College of Design, and UC San Diego. You get the idea. Actually, I think San Francisco has the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations, but Los Angeles and San Diego aren't far behind. Any of those three will do quite nicely. The best way to see Tijuana is to just park on the US side and walk across the border for the day. Mexico requires separate insurance and other paper work that makes a casual drive for a foreigner more trouble than it's worth. The climate along the southern California coast will tend towards days that top out around 70°F (21°C) during the day and get down to around 50 (10) at night. It is the end of their rainy season, so you should come prepared for that.


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    thanks very much AZbuck sounds like a good plan.apprecite your help thanks.

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    After being off line for a week, I'm finally getting caught up on posts..

    In 12 days from SF to SD, you have the option of picking where you'd like to enjoy... You might add in skiing in somewhere like Lake Tahoe/ Reno area, or the like, or visiting the natural wonders in Yosemite or Death Valley if you want to stray off the coast.

    For the coast route, the route laid out pretty much has the best night life/ young folks stops on the route (well, some of the ski towns have a good night life too...)

    Santa Cruz (UCSC) is very good.

    SLO (Cal Poly SLO) is pretty good

    Santa Barbara (just north of the town -- Isla Vista is student hang out town)

    Westwood (UCLA -- near Santa Monica in the LA area)

    Santa Monica/ Venice - -supposed to be pretty good, but I havent' been there in years to hang out.

    Hollywood/ West LA (Clubs clubs clubs.....)

    Redondo Beach (south of Santa Monica -- as the saying goes "there's no life east of Sepulveda...)

    Long Beach/ Belmont Shores (also in LA -- beach area with lots of restaurants and small clubs; very active social life in a number of ways) Very near CSULB

    Seal Beach (LA area -- nice smaller beach town area -- not too frantic but pretty friendly) Also near CSULB. More laid back and friendly than socially frantic.

    Huntington Beach/ Main Street ("Surf City" -- very active social life on Main street; clubs and restaurants)

    You might also include Newport Beach/ Pennisula on this. Some major clubs and bars. Nearish UCI.

    Laguna Beach (Very good social life -- artists community)

    La Jolla Village (UCSD -- also CSUSD in the area. Very socially active area near the universities)

    And depending upon when you go, there might be some spring break activities going on -- the big hot spots for this are typically the Redondo Beach/ Santa Monica/ Huntington Beach areas and down the coast. But also Palm Springs and the like are good places for spring break social action.

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    Default Really great to see you back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Larrison View Post
    After being off line for a week, I'm finally getting caught up on posts..
    Welcome back, we have missed your sage counsel.


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