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    Fabio Guest

    Default From Dallas, TX to South California on Christmas

    Hello all, I will be travelling from Dallas, TX to California with my wife and 2 kids (6 and 9). We will be renting a 25’ RV and we are planning to leave on Dec 22nd and return on Dec 31st.
    The goal is to take I-10 / I-8 all to San Diego, stopping to sleep on Flying Js or Wal-Mart. We would stay a day or 2 in San Diego in a campground. Take I-5 to LA with a mandatory stop on Disney; LA and Santa Monica. Take I-40 east and stop at Grand Canyon and head back to Dallas.
    We do have experience with long trips, but always on East cost like I-95. Should I have any concerns with desert highways? Weather? Safety issues? Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    Default You know winter is coming....

    when this becomes a hot topic. :)

    Check out this thread and this one.

    I'm sure your trip will be great. Can we help you out with your other planning needs?
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    Fabio Guest


    Thanks for the good advices as far as weather! Any suggestion for overnight stops while in route?


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    Default Campgrounds?

    If you're not going to do the Flying J/Wal-Mart routine, I would just get a guidebook of campgrounds and play it by ear. I haven't camped enough along your route to give you any specific recommendations. This page lists other campground guides recommended by RTA.

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    Fabio Guest

    Default Thanks

    I will do Flying J/Walmart.

    Thanks a lot


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    Default Wal-Mart


    Not all Wal-Marts, or Flying J for that matter, are RV friendly. Most are, but it is a good idea to ask before pulling down the shades and cranking up the TV antenna. However, if we see two or three 40-foot diesel pushers set up to spend the night, we don't bother to ask.

    Sometimes the Wal-Mart manager says something like "We don't mind, but technically it is against a local law. Do it if you want, but don't complain if the cops run you off." Whenever we hear that we take the chance and we've not been run off, yet.

    I assume you've researched the locations of all such facilities along the way. If not, there are several sources on the Internet, some of which tell you which places are welcoming to RVs and which ones aren't.

    The highways you will be taking should be clear and clean most of the way. Your only risk, though slight, is the high elevation area from Flagstaff through New Mexico.

    Finally, a nice, inexpensive campground on I-40 is in Mojave National Preserve. It is called Hole-In-The-Wall, and it is 20 miles north of the highway at the Essex Road exit.

    [This isn't why it is called hole-in-the-wall but this was taken here]
    The drive to the campground is on good pavement, and worth it if you need a place to camp out there.

    Have a great holiday season,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years
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    Default Boondocking Manners

    We have published an article about boondocking and would-be Wal-Mart parkers should read it....


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    Fabio Guest

    Default Thank you all

    These are all great tips.

    Thanks a lot guys, I will for sure publish about my trip and some photos.



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