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    Default Corvette to Alaska?

    Hi all. We're starting the planning stages for a mega roadtrip in the summer of 2009. The vehicle will be our 2002 Corvette. This won't be our first big trip in this car, as we did a 10k loop on mostly back roads in June '06, St. Petersburg-Detroit-Astoria-Morro Bay-Ely-Tucson-Gulfport-St. Petersburg.

    I've been thinking seriously of Key West-Homer. Driving the AlCan is something I've always wanted to do. But, I have reservations about several things regarding driving the AlCan and related AK/BC/YT roads. Searches have provided few answers so far, so I thought the experienced folks here could help out (I have orderd a Milepost). Specifically:

    1) What kind of road conditions can I really expect on the AlCan, Cassiar, and Klondike Highways? This would be in June. I've read that these roads are "paved", with the exception of about a 30-mile stretch of the Top of the World Highway. But how good is the pavement? Is it mostly bumpy, potholed, frost-heaved? I expect to deal with *some* of that, but if it's going to be hundreds of miles of it, that's just no fun and I'd stick to the lower 48. Most of the time I want to be driving smooth pavement, at speed. That's why I bought a Corvette. :D

    2) How bad are the roads on the construction detours? I don't mind going slow, but ground clearance is a concern.

    3) What about lodging? We would need a motel room each night. Can we expect to just drive up and find empty rooms, or would we need to plan on reservations? If reservations, how far in advance would they have to be made?

    4) If we were to take the ferry from Bellingham to Whittier (this requires changing ferries partway), about how long does that take? I've tried to figure it out from their web page but couldn't manage it.


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    Default Wouldn't be my first choice

    Quote Originally Posted by Gannet View Post
    1) What kind of road conditions can I really expect on the AlCan, Cassiar, and Klondike Highways? This would be in June
    Rough and lots of gravel. I would not subject a 'Vette to those types of conditions for any reason. You may be able to drive at speed -- but "smooth pavement" is a rarity in Alaska. There are several stretches, of course, where the pavement is in excellent shape -- but weather is always the unknown variable.


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    Default Recent article

    I recently browsed an article in one of the popular car magazines - can't remember which one - where they took a new Corvette up to Alaska through some pretty rough conditions. I think they took the Klondike Highway, and managed not to get stuck once.

    Now, being able to do something doesn't necessarily mean you should...and I'd say that smooth pavement up there would be rather hard to come by.

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    Default Clearance issues

    I have a friend who has made several round-trips from Anchorage, AK, to the lower-48, driving the whole way, without reporting any problems. She was driving a New Beetle...another car with little clearance.

    I think it's very do-able but it might not be the type of drive you are seeking as you will, undoubtedly, need to adjust your speed for road conditions.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. Anything on questions 3 and 4? I might consider buying another vehicle for the trip, a light truck or SUV.

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