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    Hey everyone, me and my best friend and another friend have been planning a senior road trip since we were in the 6th grade. Now ash coem the time where it is winding down and we are seniors. We live in Ohio, and would like to stay on the east side of the U.S. now because of the crazy gas prices. We have been looking into this for quite some time now and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this. We were thinking that this would last 3 weeks or so, not sure if we're excluding/including a stop in Florida for a week to stay with friends who will be down there. I was thinking we should each bring around 800-900$ to be on the safe side. I would appreciate any feedback on this at all or any tips you might have for us since, obviously, you know more than we do.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You and your friends, for example, know a lot more about what would appeal to you. (While I am also a senior, I'm the kind the AARP comes after.) And, in fact, what appeals to you is the first thing the three of you should sit down and figure out. Second is a destination. Since it looks like Florida has the advantage of offering warmth as well as the possibility of free lodging, it is clearly in the forefront at the moment. There is quite a lot to see between Ohio and Florida including the Appalachians, Deep South, Gulf and Atlantic coasts, history, scenery, big cities and small towns. And the drive can be made in as little as two days, so that leaves lots of time to see stuff along the way. Plus while you're out of the car, you're not burning gas.

    Speaking of which, I wouldn't call $2500 for three people for three weeks terribly on the safe side. You can no doubt make the trip for that much money, but you will have to watch your budget and engage in some money saving practices. You will also need a source of 'safety' money in the case of an accident, breakdown, or other unforeseen problem.

    Once you've got a destination and style worked out comes what I consider the most enjoyable part of planning, second only to the trip itself. That is figuring out exactly which things to see along the way. We can help there once you know where you're going and let us know what kinds of places you'd prefer to see. But also just surf the web a bit. Start by visiting the tourism web sites of each of the states along the way. Get a good map or atlas and start marking up your major targets. Then look for some of the smaller points of interest that are nearby that you wouldn't have visited otherwise. I have found some of those smaller venues to be the least crowded and most rewarding. And leave some time to be able to wander off if something just catches your fancy as you're driving along.

    Finally, it is not such a good idea to ask people to contact you so publicly.


  3. Default Ocean City, __

    Might I suggest that if you're looking to save some travel (and also some money), why not give one of the Ocean Cities a shot.

    Ocean City, Maryland is a hotspot for many other graduating HS kids from PA, MD, NJ. There's a ton of cheap motels, lots of boardwalk, rides, and like I said lots of party-prone, college-bound kids.

    If you're just looking for some beach and some more G-rated entertainment, I recommend Ocean City, New Jersey. It's a dry town, with no alcohol sold or served, but has a great boardwalk with lots of great rides.

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