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    Default Texas Trip


    Last time I was on here I was getting advice for a roadtrip to Wisconsin at the end of December for a Packer game. We have decided to do the Packer-Cowboy game instead Nov. 29th in Dallas.

    Basically, I'm lookin for trip ideas in the area, We will be driving from Lodi, CA to Dallas over the span of three days. So far my stop over points are Kingman, AZ and Tucumcari, NM. Any better suggestions? If weather is good and traffic is ok, I think we may try to push for Flagstaff the first day and Amarillo the second. I'm really into photography and was wondering what are must shoot areas along this route. So far, Palo Duro Canyon and Petrified Forest NP look pretty cool.

    In addition to Dallas, I'm thinking about going beyond there so I could finally visit Vicksburg, MS.

    Here is my schedule as I have it now.

    Fri - Lodi-Kingman
    Sat - Kingman-Tucumcari
    Sun - Tucumcari-Dallas
    Mon - Dallas-Vicksburg
    Tues - Vicksburg
    Wed - Vicksburg-Dallas
    Thurs - Packer game
    Fri - Amarillo-Santa Rosa, NM (via Fort Sumner)
    Sat - Santa Rosa-Las Vegas, NV (my sis lives there, free lodging instead of Kingman)
    Sun - Las Vegas-Lodi

    Is it feasible to reach Vicksburg, or would I be better off sight seeing in Northern Texas/Southern Oklahoma?

    Only other thing I could think of was trying to drop down to I-10 and go to Big Bend NP and San Antonio.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Default Sounds Neat

    What are you looking for in Vicksburg? It's going to be about a 7-8 hour drive with only bathroom breaks to get there from Dallas. That's a long haul. What are you going there for?

    If it's for the civil war battlefield you might want to come to Mansfield, LA for the Battle of Mansfield. Sadly, this is something I haven't visited, although Keithville is only about 10 miles down the road. But I've heard very good things about it.

    Also, only about 25 miles up the road (LA Highway 171) is Shreveport-Bossier. Lots of history, gambling, museums, etc here.

    If you want to stay in Texas, then I suggest looking around Jefferson, TX or even heading up to Paris, TX. If you opt for Jefferson, there's no reason you couldn't do a loop tour of Jefferson, Mansfield and Shreveport. They're all fairly close together. Within Shreveport itself you could stay at one of the Casinos downtown and pretend you're in Vegas.


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    Default Warmer perchance in Dallas?

    Quote Originally Posted by packman View Post
    We will be driving from Lodi, CA to Dallas over the span of three days.
    Brett, I know you are an experienced tripper -- but it is still a long haul from Lodi to Dallas.... 1700 miles by the shortest possible route (I-40) so you will need to cover at least 560 miles each day.

    There are some resources for Texan travel that you ought to consider -- Texas Escapes is one I use and one of the RTA contributors, Aaron Reed, has written a couple of articles about his favorite haunts -- (actually, he will be adding to this list over the next six months).
    Big Guns and Dr. Pepper -- Waco, TX
    Texas Hill Country
    Menard, Texas
    Highway 183 out of Austin

    Here are some ideas between the Grand and New Mexico for you.

    But all things being equal -- Big Bend is hard to beat. And dinner at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua is mighty fine as well.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the replies Mark & Laura. I'm actually leaning towards scratching the Vicksburg leg. I really wanna see that battlefield someday though. Shreveport looks pretty cool. How is the cajun food there? I've kind of got a couple of ideas twirling in my head now that are different to the route I posted earlier.
    I didn't realize how close I'd be to Fairview, Oklahoma. Anybody have any input on this town? I've always wanted to drop in there since it is where my grandpa was born and lived the early years of his life before coming west. From there I would go to Oklahoma City for the night. And then maybe from there go to Shreveport before heading back to Dallas for the game. Not sure if that is too much goin on.
    I also like Mark's ideas. Petrified Forest is right there at the top of my list. The Sunset Crater looks pretty cool too. I wanted to see that when in the area 3 years ago but chose the Grand Canyon over it.
    Lots of ideas, so little time to do em all.


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    Default Gotta Remember those I-40 Ice storms


    Another thing -- thus far we have been lucky -- but I-40 (through Texas) is notorious for ice storms around the end of November --- I have been in several and if you manage to be lucky enough too -- A long day's travel 8-10 hours will net you about 100 miles....


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    Default Glass Mountains

    I think I have my route finalized. Looks like I'm gonna go check out the family heritage in Oklahoma. While researching this area I came across a place called Glass Mountains state park. Is this a pretty place that is worth checking out while in Fairview?
    Here is what I have decided on:
    Day 1 - Lodi-Kingman or Williams
    Day 2 - Kingman or Williams to Tucumcari or Amarillo
    Day 3 - Amarillo to Oklahoma City via Fairview
    Day 4 - Oklahoma City to Bossier City
    Day 5 - Bossier City
    Day 6 - Bossier City to Dallas
    Day 7 - Packer game
    Day 8 - Dallas to Santa Rosa, NM
    Day 9 - Santa Rosa to Las Vegas
    Day 10 - Las Vegas to Lodi

    I still am open to suggestions for day 4 and 5 if I can be convinced that there is something better to do near Ok. City and Dallas than eating cajun food in Bossier City and knocking Louisiana off my visited states list.


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    Default Cajun Food

    Shanes in Shreveport is good as is Crawdaddy's Kitchen in the Boardwalk in Bossier City. Around here, though I'd lean more towards a Catfish place like Don's Seafood or the Crescent Landing Catfish Restaurant. We're a little far north for Cajun food. It's good, but you're more likely to find an odd combination of Cajun and Tex Mex around here. I love it, but then I'm a native.

    Looks like you'll be here on Tuesday December 4th. There's going to be a Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs game that night. Those are always fun. You shouldn't have any problems getting tickets at the door.


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    Default Thanks Laura

    Thanks for the suggestions Laura. I'll actually be out there the week before that (Nov. 26). Right now my dad and I are trying to figure out exactly what we are gonna do. Were trying to find a bit of a middle ground. I wanna click as many miles as possible and knock a few new states off my list. My dad wants to take it a bit slower. Basically we are in agreeance up to Oklahoma City. After that isn't set in stone.


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