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    Default First road trip- NY to Cali-taking the south end of the states

    This is my first road trip across the country. I will be leaving from the Buffalo NY area. My plan is to leave the 27 of Dec and not return to NY till Jan 21. I know the weather is going to be iffy.. but its the only time myself and friend can do take this long of a trip. we will be leaving NY and heading down to the smokies.. then from there go south west towards TX, then hit the lower end of co. come back into TX, hit Arizona, Las Vegas, then to Cali. drive up Cali .. go to or. and then head back towards the south to drive back. (to avoid the snow in the north-i know we will hit some though)
    on the way back i would like to stop in Utah
    Any input on this trip would be greatly appreciated. Locations to go, best routes, things we should do and SHOULDN'T do.

    thank you!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Well, being from Buffalo, you're probably intimately familiar with driving in bad winter weather by now. As far as best routes, well, that would be determined by what the weather is going to be during your time traveling through a particular area. You don't necessarily have to avoid driving in the North on your way back, since bad weather could be encountered just about anywhere, and you would be missing out on some truly spectacular scenery. You're just as likely to hit the bad weather on your trip into the Smokies as anywhere else.

    As far as things you should or shouldn't do - do the things that interest you, don't do things just because someone else said you should (like visiting a particular place, unless it interests you). Do visit our planning pages.

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