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    Hello All,
    I wanted to get some opinions on driving from NYC to LA during the winter. We are leaving Jan 19 and I have to catch a flight back Jan 27 from LA. In your opinion how rushed will this be? We are not sure on road conditions or which states we should avoid because of roads.. any suggestions? We both love the southwest and that would be our major stop along the way--- and we'd pretty much zoom by the other stuff.
    I'd love to hear any suggestions.

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    Eight days makes this trip pretty tight. It is five days to travel from coast to coast in the US, as a general rule when you are traveling a fair distance each day and doing it safely. That would give you just three days to spend out on the West coast.

    Road conditions cannot be told this far in advance. We could have a torturous winter or a mild one, it is too soon to tell. I would recommend checking the forecasts a few days before your trip. That way you'll have time to plan a few alternative routes between now and then choosing your route when the time comes. The most direct would be on the Interstates, taking I-78 to I-76 to I-44 to I-40 then I-15.

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