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  1. Default Chicago to San Francisco around New Years

    I'm relocating to live with a friend in San Francisco, and decided that driving my stuff there would be the cheapest route. I don't believe in having too much stuff, so I can fit it all into one car, which I'll be renting for the trip. I also have friends in Albuquerque, so I will definitely be crashing there for a night during my trip.

    But other than that, it's a lot of big open space full of opportunities. I am a photographer and would love some "off-the-beaten-path" ideas or especially quirky/unusual sights between Chicago and San Francisco. My only other road trip was 2 years ago down to Florida, so this is all new territory for me. Any tips appreciated!

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    Default Don't forget to get your stuff insured whilst it's in transit...

    How long are you looking to take for the trip? Are you looking to do the journey as quickly as possible with the occasional stop for some photos or are you looking to take ten days or so and really do it justice?

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    I sure want to do the trip justice, but my pocketbook cannot. I can't afford a rental car for more than probably 3 days. That being said, what are the most worthy stops along the way? I don't mean biggest tourist attractions, but the most unique people/places that are hard to find anywhere else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furby View Post
    I can't afford a rental car for more than probably 3 days.
    It is about 2100 miles, which means that you will need to cover at least 700 miles per day and with wintertime driving -- this means that you will need to have your seat planted in the car seat for at least 11 hours per day. You will not have any time for sightseeing. You need to stay on the interstates and make tracks and watch the road conditions reports.


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