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    Default i want to travel the US im a Brit.

    hey, im sam, 15 from england. I have a love for the USA although i've never been there. i was thinking when i leave school, which because i'm a brit is 16 so this year, of going on a roadtrip.

    This is the thing i thought about this whole idea at school today. would it be possible for me to just well... not care about anything get on a plane with some cash fly tooooo.... erm new york! just luk around then fly to chicago and enjoy the whole of route 66 in no specific time then chill at Cali for a while then go home to rainy england.

    basically what im asking is could i just do that you know with no problems. so long as i've got cash n a passport i'm cool rite!!!???

    ohhh but i would do it with at least 1 friend.

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    Default well technically

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Technically, if you've got your passport and enough cash, then you could come to the US.

    However, you'll have some real tough challenges on doing this as a roadtrip, however. Basically no one rents cars to people under age 21, and even buying a car would be virtually impossible since you'll be under 18, you wouldn't have a parent nearby, and you aren't a US resident.

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    Default Welcome!

    Unless, of course, your friend were older and able to drive/rent a car/book hotel rooms then I'd have to say... it's not really practical to do a self-organised roadtrip at this time. You may prefer to look at doing an organised trip however. There are two major companies offering this service in the US - Trek America and Suntrek. The former has a minimum age of 18 but Suntrek state:

    SUNTREK has no age limit and attracts the young and "young at heart" looking for adventure. However, the majority of our participants are between 18 and 35.

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    i guess i'm walking then. lol

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    any other ideas then any1

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    Default Legalities for skydiving in US

    Does anyone know what age on emust be to parachute in the US, and any other requirements or training needed. I was thinking of learning to skydive in US during a road trip. Also the cost!

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    Default 18, at least

    I can all but assure you that no company would allow you to skydive under the age of 18, without some serious paperwork that would all have to be signed by a parent/guardian. Once you're 18, then you'd be all clear.

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    That is quite a specialised subject. One which you would be far better off to seek advice from the specific school that you wish to use. The USPA has this to say:

    Minors who are at least 16 years of age and have notarized parental or guardian consent may be allowed to participate in some training programs at some schools, according to the state and school policy. The person providing consent for a minor may be required to observe all pre-jump instruction. Most commonly, schools require all participants to be at least 18.

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    Default Age to rent a Scooter (Moped)

    Does anyone know the required age to rent a Scooter in the USA if you are not a citizen and any other necessary requirements i may need to know.


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    Default find a place first

    Scooters just aren't that popular in the US, so they aren't the easiest thing to find as a rental. I'm not sure I know of any company that rents them, although you might have some luck in the right city. Where exactly are you going?

    Since I don't know of any places, I can't help you with age, although I would think you might have luck finding a place that would rent them to an 18 year old. If you aren't at least 18, its going to be pretty much impossible to find someone who will rent anything to you.
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