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    My Friend and I are planning a Road Trip from Vancouver BC to Alaska in late December/early January (were planning on approx 11 days there and back). We are going to be driving my dad's 84 Toyota Truck (its in good condition he just drove it from Vancouver to Alberta).

    We just curious about the roads and driving conditions at this time of year. Is it even possible?

    We want to hit a bunch of the mountains along the way to snowboard. Our rough outline right now is this...

    We want to hit...

    Sun Peaks in Kamloops
    Prince George (i have family there)
    Ski Smithers in Smithers

    Now from Smithers we want to take Highway 37 to Whitehorse, the problem with that is its approx 1,250 km – about 1 day 2 hours (according to google maps). Where should we stay for a pit stop along the way? (we dont need an actual hotel or anything, we can just sleep in my truck). Also how is this road?

    From Whitehorse we want to go to Fairbanks, and we have the same problem there 951 km – about 10 hours 50 mins, we need a pit stop. and again, how is Alaska Highway 1 at that time of year?

    From Fairbanks we want to go down to Anchorage.

    Then from Anchorage to Juneau
    838 mi – about 19 hours 8 mins, need another pit stop.

    Then from Juneau back to Vancouver (obviously not all in one day, but those are just the main places we want to go to).

    Any suggestions for places we should go along the way?

    Now is that a realistic trip for 11 days? And at that time of year? How's the drive?

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    Vancouver to Fairbanks, Anchorage and back is well over 4700 miles, which means you'd have to average over 400 miles per day. Given the nature of the road you'll be travelling, that really means you wouldn't have any time to snowboard or visit friends along the way. Any delay due to weather, which is almost guaranteed in December, will mean that you can't make the trip in the time allotted. In any event you cannot drive to Juneau at all. You would have to take two very time consuming and costly ferry rides. Sorry, but you need to give this trip a good serious rethinking.


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