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    A close friend and I were planning a road trip for this passed summer, but unfortunately our plans fell through. :(

    Now she is moving with her family out to Longmont, CO (near Boulder) from Fair Lawn, NJ (20 minutes outside NYC) in July '08 and have enlisted my help. They offered to pay for my gas (or plane ticket, but I'm more adventurous than that) and to help out with other car maintenance if necessary.

    The only set plan we have right now is to take i-80 out to Penn State to visit a friend, but other than that, we could use some suggestions of places to stop, alternative/more interesting highways to explore, etc. About how much time should I set aside for this, not including the few days I'm spending in CO? I'll be driving out there with her and a '03 Toyota Corolla load of stuff (a surprisingly large amount!) and back by myself. Either way, she doesn't drive so that will be all me.

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    Default Three Days Each (Different) Way

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    For the most direct routing between Fair Lawn and Longmont, you need to set aside a minimum of three full days just for the driving, one-way. Stops to see friends, to visit sights along the way, or to take alternative highways will all be on top of that three days. I have covered this section of I-80 before, and my favorite stops are listed here. You will be passing by everything from the Delaware Water Gap to Rocky Mountains National Park. If you are going to be driving yourself home afterwards, then you should most definitely look at an alternate routing such as dropping down to Denver and returning on I-70 through Kansas City and St. Louis and then maybe dropping even a little farther south on I-64 through Kentucky and West Virginia to I-81 and home. That route, might be a bit long for three days, especially if you want to see stuff along the way, but isn't terribly longer in terms of miles


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