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    Hello, I will be driving from PA/NJ area to the Gulf coast of FL about a week before Christmas. The usual route is 95 all the way to FL then cut across the state on I-4. But 95 is SOOO boring and un-scenic. Any ideas on alternatives? I can spend probably two nights in hotels so I can't veer too far off-course. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

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    Default Come Down the Mountains and Make a Left

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    If you start by heading inland a bit, either between Philadelphia and Harrisburg on the PA Turnpike, or between Baltimore and Hagerstown on I-70, you will come to I-81, which follows the Shenandoah Valley southwest with great views of the Appalachians. You can even drive down the crest of the mountains on Skyline Drive and/or the Blue Ridge Parkway. Pick up I-40 in Tennessee and then I-75 to Chattanooga. A short jog on I-24 to I-59 lets you continue your journey southwestward to Montgomery where you start a left hook that uses I-65 and US-231 to approach the Gulf Coast from the northwest rather than the east. All of that will add about 150 miles to your trip, but it can still be done easily in three days, and I think you'll enjoy the scenery and the sense of just seeing something new.


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    If you do take I-95, you might like to check out this book

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    Thank you both! I had seen the 81 route on the map and thought it looked interesting, but was wondering how risky it would be in Dec. (through the Appalachians). You're right, I'd love to try and see something different. Great site, by the way, glad I found it!

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