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  1. Default USA Tour TX to LV

    Hi everyone.

    Me and my mates are planning a USA trip in a couple of summers time.
    We are thinking to fly to El Paso then do: South East, East and Central East, North, West and Central west, South West, Vegas.

    Possible Route:

    El Paso
    San Antonio
    Space Center
    New Orleans
    Cape Canaveral
    US Space and Rocket Center
    Arlington ( White House, Pentagon)
    New York ( Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge)
    Niagara Falls
    Y Bridge
    Chiccago ( Sears Tower)
    Mt. Rushmore
    Devils Tower
    Seattle ( Fraser Bridge)
    Mount St. Helens
    Salt Lake City
    Kansas City
    Saint Louis
    Little Rock
    Oklahoma City
    San Diego
    Los Angeles ( Hollywood)
    San Jose
    San Fransisco ( Golden Gate Bridge)
    Yosemite National Park
    Death Valley
    Area 51?
    Las Vegas ( Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam )
    Fly Home to UK

    We have no real time limit. We want to know where NOT to miss in the whole of USA.

    Jonny from UK.
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    Default Less is More

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is a trip that is literally all over the map, so I'm certainly not going to suggest other things that you should be adding to it! Let's start instead with noting a few things on your list that you will NOT be able to see.

    You can no longer visit the actual Johnson Space Center in Houston. There is a public Visitor's Center outside the main gate on NASA Road 1, and I think you can still view the Saturn 5 rocket at the main gate (although the last time I heard, it was in pretty sorry shape), but I 'm pretty sure public access to the Center itself is no longer allowed. You will be able to visit the Rocket Center's Museum in Huntsville, but that Center's most famous attraction is actually Space Camp, which is a high cost, pre-scheduled activity for kids. The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral IS open to the general public, with restrictions of course. Those restrictions can become pretty severe around launch times, especially during shuttle launches. You will not be able to get to Area 51 or anywhere that you can even view it without being arrested, so just go to the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachael and swap stories.

    Otherwise, if your time really is unlimited, I suppose that you can get to everywhere on your list, but I wouldn't recommend it. I think you'd be much better served to limit the number of places you try to get to, and maximize the time you spend experiencing those places. If all you do on your tour of America is drive from place to place you will be able, I suppose, to say you've 'been there', but I seriously doubt that you could truthfully say you've 'done that'.

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    Where would you say I shouldn't really go in my list?

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    Default Narrow your scope

    I agree with AzBuck - at a certain point you're just going to be overwhelmed. I'd think about limiting myself to one area of the country, ie the Northwest or the South or whatever and concentrate on exploring that part to its fullest extent. Then if you still have the resources and want you can go on to another section that can be planned out while exploring your first area. JMHO.


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    We want this to be a big trip, as most of us will lose contact sooner or later. Shall I plan each area extensively then join them up?

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    Default Basic Planning

    Yeah. Part of why we're having such a hard time responding to your Grand Adventure is that all we have is a disjointed list of places and no real sense of what you want this trip to be about. So first things first: you and your friends should sit down over a pint (or two) some evening and take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz just to get yourselves on the same page as to what you want to accomplish and how you're going to go about it. Then divide up the work. Each of you take a section of the country and lay out a first cut at what you plan to do there and for how long. Then join up for another few pints to discuss what each of you have come up with. Pass the plans one person to the right and work on refining them. Join up over beers to take the next step (See a pattern developing here?) But start putting together something more than just a list of cities. You can certainly indulge your one obvious penchant for space related activities, but I'm sure you can also come up with a couple of other themes that you'd like to indulge as well.


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    So basically, get drunk while planning! It is meant to be a sightseeing trip and highlights of USA. I am sure we will like the planning in a bar idea.

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    What is the best route for an all 50 state trip?

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    Only you can work that out! We're happy to offer advice on specific areas of concern but my usual rule of thumb is that if you cannot get a grasp on something then it is probably needs simplifying. I would get myself down to the nearest decent book shop and pick up a copy of one of those big fold out maps of the US. Then buy some of those coloured push pins - three colours. Green for destinations that you all agree are 'must see', yellow for 'would really like to see if we have time' and red for 'maybe... if we're running ahead of schedule and have nothing else to do' then start putting them in the map in the relevant place. Quite often you will see a pattern appearing. Remember 'dot-to-dot' -- see if you can join up the dots and come up with a rough route. Come back and tell us how you get on.

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    Default I like the one created by these guys

    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyTic View Post
    What is the best route for an all 50 state trip?
    The Quest-4 Team came up with one of the best lower 48 routes I know of -- look at this link and then click on the "Our Journey" icon.


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