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    We are planning a road trip from LExington KY to LA. We are leaving on the 11/15 and have to be in LA on the 1st. I want to see the Redwood forests, Grand Canyon, Seattle, Denver, mt Rushmore and perhaps yellowstone.

    I mapquested a route that takes us through St Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, Seattle, then down to San diego across to the Canyon then back to LA.

    This is a huge trip that I think is too much for the time we have. what do you think? can anyone offer some advice as to how we can see a good chunk of the US but not kill us in the process??

    any words of wisdom would be great. We are leaving the country on the 1st so I really want to do as much as I can while we are here, we won't be back for a very long time, feels very much like a once in a lifetime trip so I want it to be good. no regrets..

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    Hello Fliss -- I haven't done a cross-country road trip but I have been to some of the places you mention. I do think your plan is too much for the time you have. You will spend all your time driving, with no time to see or enjoy any of the sights. Just the trip from Seattle to San Diego will take days, the traffic in Calif. is terrible. The Grand Canyon can take a day or two to see, it's not a drive-by. I also don't know what the weather conditions are like at that time of year for driving (snow?). If I were you, I might drive from KY to New Mexico (Santa Fe) and Ariz. (see Sedona in addition to the Grand Canyon). Any interest in seeing Vegas? Gambling or not, it's fun to see. Then drive through CA to L.A., you can spend days there seeing the sights and driving up/down the coast. Just some ideas for you. Enjoy!

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    I'm in pretty close agreement with Avalon that your proposed routing and itinerary is just too much. As a baseline, what can you do with two weeks? Let's assume that you drive full out one day and spend your time seeing something the next and alternate; or equivalently, you drive parts of each day and do stuff the other part. That is the way to have a relaxing and enjoyable trip, not trying to zoom to every attraction you can think of, jump out of the car to snap a picture and zoom off to the next attraction. But even on a 'half-time' driving schedule, you can cover about 3500-3750 miles in two weeks. That would let you drive from Lexington through St. Louis and on up to the Badlands of South Dakota, across northern Wyoming to Yellowstone, over to Seattle and then down the coast to Los Angeles. I think the only things that got dropped from your initial list were Denver, San Diego, and the Grand Canyon, but you just can't do it all in two weeks.


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