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  1. Default advice for vegas to houston?

    I am making the drive from Las vegas to Houston in a couple of weeks. I have NEVER done a road trip like this ever. I am 28 and taking my 6 year old son. The longest we've ever gone is about 5 hours to California. I would like to take him to the Grand Canyon, and the Alamo for sure. I am asking for pointers on "roadtripping", and places to stop along the way. I am very independent and confident that I can do would just be nice for a little advice. thanks.

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    Default Break It Up

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you have experience with shorter RoadTrips and are confident that you can do this, I'll just make a few suggestions. The main one is to break this trip up into smaller segments. Plan on taking at least three days for the drive (four would be better). Try to stop every two hours or so, so that you're never that far away from the next destination when your son asks "Are we there yet?" If you are going to spend significant time at any of your stops such as the Grand Canyon or the Alamo, be sure to add that time to what it will take to complete your trip and don't try to make it up by driving faster or longer. And check these resources for travelling with children.

    Now some specific places to stop along the way that might appeal to your son (and you). Try Hoover Dam, some of these around the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, City of Rocks, Balmorhea State Park, and Fort Lancaster.


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    Thanks a bunch. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, I have no idea how to navigate my way from the route I'm traveling. When I look at websites, I end up confused. Any pointers?
    As far as breaking up the trip, I definitely will. At first I wanted to get to Houston as quickly as possible. Now I am looking at it from a "once in a lifetime" perspective.
    Again thanks for all the advice and links.

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    Default The Canyon from I-40

    Getting to and viewing the Grand Canyon is actually relatively easy when driving across northern Arizona on I-40. All you have to do is exit the highway at Williams and take AZ-64 north to Grand Canyon Village. The main Visitor Center is here and makes a good first stop to view the informative displays, talk to a Ranger and take a hike along the Rim Trail to get a first impression. You would then drive east on US-180 (which joined AZ-64 as you drove up to the Park) along the south rim of the Canyon. This road has several pullouts and parking areas as you progress. Stop as often as you like, but do be sure to stop at the Desert View Area. You will eventually leave the Park headed east. At Cameron, take US-89 south and rejoin I-40 just east of Flagstaff.


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    Thanks alot. I've been doing a ton of research for this trip. Any help anyone provides is appreciated.....We're leaving Monday!! Traveling on a leap of faith!!

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