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    Default Los Angeles to NYC

    hi everyone im a newbie here @ the board so i just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here.

    anyways. heres what i want to ask: ive always been interested in doing a cross country trip from Los Angeles to NYC. The farthest i've ever driven is to Las Vegas so this if i do this it will be the biggest trip i've ever done. so i want to ask everyone here what are some tips and tricks. im not going anytime soon but i will eventually i just figured everyone here probably has some advice for a newbie like me.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While I'm sure that everyone here could offer you more than just 'some' advice, the problem is where to start. Fortunately most of the basic ideas on RoadTripping and RoadTrip planning are covered here. You have done a 270 mile RoadTrip, so even though a cross-country trip is different in scale, it is no different in concept or requirements. Basically just take it easy, pace yourself and leave plenty of time both for safety and to experience different sights and sounds along the way. Have a sense of what you're trying to accomplish on the trip besides just getting to point B. Have a good map, but enjoy getting lost. Have a good time.


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