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    Default From Dallas to Toronto over Thanksgiving


    Thank you for a great forum.

    I am planning a trip over thanksgiving (23-25) to drive from Dallas Texas to Toronto (Ontario) Canada. It's approximately 1500 mile drive. I have done this drive before but was during summer with my wife and we drove north from Dallas up to St Louis before going east (north east) to Detroit.

    This time I am going to be driving alone. It will be over thanksgiving so weather is of a great concern. Also, I am planning to go east from Dallas to Nashville and then north (north east) to Buffalo before crossing the border into Canada.

    I would really appreciate if you could please comment on following cancerns:
    Does weather gets bad this time of the year through Arkansas and Tennesse?
    Do you have a suggestion on a better route then what I have planned?
    What is the traine like through Arkansas, Tennesse, Kentucky, and Ohio?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Default Weather May Be the Least of Your Worries

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Not that weather won't be a concern, but there is simply no way to make definitive plans this far ahead that take the actual weather you will encounter into account. You will only start to get an inkling of what you can expect starting around the 20th. Before then it's not even an educated guess, but yes: you can run into weather anywhere along your route that might force you to lay up for a while, so the best you can do is to build several hours to a day extra into your allotted time frame to make the journey.

    On the other hand, I can pretty much guarantee that you are going to run into considerable traffic and that you will not be able to keep up the pace you may have gotten used to on past drives. Friday the 23rd (Black Friday) is the heaviest shopping day of the year, so anywhere your drive takes you by or near suburban malls (Dallas, Little Rock, and Memphis among others) you should be expecting close to bumper-to-bumper conditions and lots of slow moving traffic exiting and entering the highway. Sunday the 25th will be among the 2 heaviest driving days of the year (the other is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), so again, very heavy and slow moving traffic will be the norm. With all that traffic, if you experience any significant adverse weather, you must be prepared for this trip to take more than 3 days.

    The terrain all along your route will be relatively flat, with just a few low rolling hills as you skirt the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and skirt the backside of the Appalachian s through Tennessee and Kentucky. You won't, I don't believe, have to deal with any grades that would be considered problematical.


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    Default Thank You

    Thank you so much for your insight.

    Hopefully, by Friday morning, I will be coming into Nasville around 8:00 am or so. I will try and plan routes so that I would try and skip some of the city traffic.

    I have allocated 3 days for me to get to Buffalo and another 1/2 day (usually 1.5 hour drive) to get to Toronto from Buffalo.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    Default Just got back

    Got in town yesterday from my trip from Dallas to Toronto. I got lucky with weather and the traffic. Weather got bad (rain) the day after I left in Dallas. Memphis Tennessee also saw some rain the day after I left so did Columbus Ohio. However, my drive was all dry. I didn't see much traffic either though out my trip.

    Overall trip was great. I did 560 miles the first day in 11.5 hours to Jackson Tennessee. Second day I drove 570 miles in 11 hours to Mansfield Ohio and third day drove 270 miles in about 4.5 hours to Buffalo. Did some shopping in Buffalo and spend the night before heading into Canada on Monday morning.

    This forum was a great help in preparing for my trip and I thank for all the help.



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    Default Thanks for the mileage/time reports!

    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonjohn83 View Post
    Overall trip was great. I did 560 miles the first day in 11.5 hours to Jackson Tennessee. Second day I drove 570 miles in 11 hours to Mansfield Ohio and third day drove 270 miles in about 4.5 hours to Buffalo
    John, thanks for the detailed time/mileage reports and glad you had a fun run.


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