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  1. Default Amarillo, TX to Durango, CO?

    We are about to embark on a five week driving adventure through most of the south west.

    A late change of plans now means we have to include Durango in our plans (the Polar Express narrow gauge rail beckons) and I am curious to know if anyone can recommend a route for the above?

    Things to bear in mind - travel will be mid-December, we will have an active 5yr old on board, does not need to be the most direct route, we love national parks (and have considered heading west to Petrified Forest NP and then north, kind of via Canyon de Chelly) and we have about three days.

    Much obliged.

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    Default A Possible Alternative

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    From Amarillo to Durango is just a straight shot up US-550 and, at 500 miles, will take a good day to drive. The Polar Express is a special winter run of the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which is just off US-550 as you enter town from the south.

    If you want to detour as far west as you've indicated, that's fine but know that you'll then have two solid days of driving while not leaving a lot of time to explore some fascinating parks. An alternative that might appeal to your 5 year old is to come up through Santa Fe and Taos on US-285/NM-68/US-64/US-84/US-160. Taos, in particular has a funky old-west charm, the Taos Pueblo and Kit Carson's home, and such a drive does not add but 50 miles to the overall length of the drive from Amarillo to Durango.


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    Thanks AZBuck. We have added in an extra detour at the start of the trip (Las Vegas' Charity Santa Run) and with some other re-jigging, it means your suggested route rose to the top of the pile.

    And the Toas side trip sounds worthwhile as well.


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