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    This is my first post. We are relocating back to Boston next month. We have 5-7 days to make the trip comfortably. Our children are ages 3 & 9 and our dog Max is a sweet lab mix.

    Does anyone have experience making this trip with kids who might have some recommendations for good places to stop and stay and some places to stop and just have fun for a few hours. Washington DC is appealing and also Philly. I am struggling looking at the map and deciding where we should make sure we stay on '95 for some time efficiency and where it makes sense to vere off a little bit to make this somewhat fun for the family.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
    My best,
    Jacksonville, FL

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    Jacksonville to Boston is at least two days by car, so call it three with the extra stops entailed in travelling with children. So if you plan to spend a day in Washington and a Day in Philadelphia, you won't have a lot of extra time to veer off I-95. Still, there are at least two good detours from that straight-and-narrow route that are worth taking. Since one entails heading inland through the Poconos and Catskills, and this trip is scheduled for December, I think the other side trip is in order. That would be to head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With lighthouses, practically deserted beaches, ferry rides, pirate's lore, and history there is plenty there to keep you and your children amused for a day. You would get there by leaving I-95 at Lumberton, NC and taking NC-41, US-70 and NC-12 to Cedar Island, then take the 2 hour ferry ride across Pamlico Sound to Ocracoke. Work your way up the Banks to Norfolk, and then I-64 will return you to I-95. I will warn you however, that you can easily find that you're using up all your extra time here.


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