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  1. Default Vegas to Nashville mid December!


    I'm new to this board. I wish I had found it sooner! Me and the wife are planning a trip from Vegas to Nashville in December. We want to take a southern route and see Grand Canyon, then pass through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi before arriving in Nashville.
    Can anyone suggest a few notable sights to check out en route? Also, given the time of year, what condition would the roads be in from Vegas down through New Mexico?


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    Default Better Late than Never

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    And congratulations on finding us. The route from Las Vegas to Nashville is pretty much just a straight shot on I-40, with the detour to the Grand Canyon, of course. Other sights worth a look along the way include Petrified Forest National Park, Petroglyph National Monument, Cadillac Ranch, the Oklahoma City Memorial, and Memphis.

    Road conditions in December can be anywhere from glorious to impassable, so you'll have to check the weather as the time approaches. Start getting updates on the Weather Channel about 5 days before your scheduled departure and be open to leaving a day earlier or later if conditions so dictate, and to possibly sitting out a day if a storm strikes while you're on the road.


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    That's cool. Thanks so much! We're really looking forward to our first cross country American road trip.

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    Default For Your Southerly Route

    You can catch US Higway 285 in New Mexico and go to I-10 or I-20 in Texas. 285 is a good road and you will pass through Roswell, NM and Carlsbad Caverns on you way South. Whether you take I-10 or 20 is up to you. 20 will be a more direct route towards Nashville, but I-10 is only about 4 hours south of I-20 for most of their paths through the South.


  5. Default Re: Southern Route

    Hey Laura. That's sounds like a great plan! Thanks so much. It really helps to know which roads are better to take when you've never been! I'd like to drive through Austin, so I guess by taking the route off I-10 through Fredericksburg would be the way to go. What will the weather be like down along that route in December?

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    Default Suggested route through Texas

    Here is my suggestion for your trip through Texas:

    I would suggest you take I 10 through Texas to San Antonio.
    Then take I 33 Up to Dallas (as opposed to Fort Worth - I 35 splits in Hillsboro).
    Then take I 20 East.

    You can stop in San Antonio, Austin, Fredricsburg, Salado......

    It would be the more scenic and easier route.

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    Thanks to everyone for the advice, it's much appreciated! One thing I didn't mention is that we have only 9 days to get from Vegas to Nashville. Presuming the roads are ok and there are no extremes in weather, is this possible to do in that space of time?

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    Default one way ok

    If you're doing this as a one way trip, 9 days is plenty of time, even when factoring possible delays for weather and the like.

    You'll need 3 days to make this trip on a direct route, and at least 4 if you take the suggested Texas detour, so on a round trip, you wouldn't have much time left in Nashville, but you could do it.

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    Yeah it's a one way trip for sure. The plan is to get down to Texas and possibly across to New Orleans then up through Jackson, Memphis before arriving in Nashville. Am I still ok with 9 days taking the southern route?

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    Default No Prob

    9 Days should be plenty of time. You should be able to cover the distance and still be able to do a good amount of exploring along the way.

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