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    My family (with 2 young children) will be driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco on 23 Nov. As we are not used to long-distance driving, we have planned to break the journey by spending a night somewhere and continue the drive in the next day to San Francisco. Could you suggest where we can have a stopover for the night? Any routes that are safe for driving and at the same time we can enjoy spectacular scenery along the way?

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    By breaking this trip up over two days, I think you've made this a very enjoyable drive. The routing is just I-15 down to Barstow, then CA-58 across to I-5 just west of Bakersfield. I-5 would then take you up into the Bar Area and I-580 would take you into San Francisco itself. On the first day, you'll be skirting along the north side of the Mojave National Preserve. On the second day, you can continue westward from the Bakersfield area by turning off onto CA-46 shortly after you get on I-5. This will take you to the Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1. This is a gorgeous drive with lots of sea life viewable from handy pull-offs all along the way. The down side is that going this way rather than up the Central Valley on I-5 will add about 50-75 miles to your second day, and will mostly be along slower, two-lane (but incredibly scenic) roads. So if you plan to come by the PCH, you might want to go a little beyond Bakersfield on the first day.


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    Dear AZBuck,

    thank you for the prompt reply. Will check it out. Cheers.

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