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    Hi everyone,
    I am thinking of driving from New Orleans to Chicago around New Years this year. It involves I-55 and I-57. Coming from the South, I've never driven in icy conditions. Are those interstates kept pretty clear? Is it safe to drive? Thanks for any advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The roads themselves will be perfectly safe. They will be the first to be maintained, plowed, and salted.

    Of course the weather conditions themselves might not be perfect. If you get a really bad winter storm, then you could find yourself dealing with snow or ice, and could get into a position where you need to stop and let the conditions improve. Its just a fact of life with winter travel.

    Here are some more tips to help you safely get to your destination in the winter.

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    Default Good Roads to Travel

    I-55 and I-57 are good roads to travel, any time of the year. I-55 through Arkansas has been improved substantially over several years ago, and I-57 provides a fairly quiet, rural ride through Illinois. If you run into weather problems, these roads will be clear well before other nearby highways.

    South of about Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an ice storm is not out of the question. North of Mt. Vernon, the problem would usually be snow. Nevertheless, while the odds of having weather-related problems on this route (outside of northern Illinois) are low, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast this time of year.

    One more thing, you'll find services to be plentiful along this route. The only exception I can think of (because I live in the area) is the 75-mile stretch between Marion, Illinois and Sikeston, Missouri along I-57. At best, you will find only a handful of local gas stations, few if any major gas stations, and almost no restaurants.

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    Thanks to both of you for your advice. I am getting ready to drive up to Chicago in 10 days and will y'all posted on how it goes.

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