Hi everyone,

My friend and i are planning on driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco in August 2008 and are hoping anyone can give us an insight into which places to visit and which way to go!

The rough plan is to stay in Las Vegas for 5 days take either 2/3 days to get to San Fran and then stay there for 5 days. I've read lots about not needing a car in SF so i think we would just have one for LV and then the drive. Would use the car to visit the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead etc but wonder if its better to do a day trip to Death Valley or drive through it on the road to SF?

I have read all the other threads and got a rough idea of where to go but they're mainly SF to LV and i'm not sure if its just a case of reversing the route?!!! Also neither of us have driven in America or indeed in an automatic car!

If anyone could give any info on roads to take, things we shouldn't miss out on (also want to visit Sequoia to see the tree's!), which are the best places to stop over - i would be so grateful.

Huge thanks, Jenny