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    hi everyone,
    We are looking to drive the west coast in june/july 08. We have about 3 weeks and are looking at seeing the major attractions. We are from Australia and are keen to surf along the way and also head into Mexico for some surfing. We are unsure on where to start from as we wanted to finsih driving in mexico and fly to NY for the end of our trip. We were unable to find any links to maps and driving times for the westcoast and the safest way on travelling through mexico. Any information regarding trip planning would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The biggest problem you're going trying to do a one way trip starting in the US and ending in Mexico.

    I don't know of any US rental car companies that will even allow their cars over the Mexican border, and even if you found one, you certainly couldn't drop it off in Mexico.

    Buying a car wouldn't be an option either, because you can't buy a car in the US and then sell it in Mexico.

    I think the only way you'll be able to do this is to rent a car for your US trip, drop it off, cross the border by bus, and then rent another car. Or, you could do your entire US trip, West Coast and NY trip first, and then fly down to Mexico before you go back home.

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    What stops do you have in mind for when you are in the Western US?
    Were you thinking of concentrating solely on the Southern California area?


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