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    Alright, so I have to drive my car from Portland Oregon to Rochester New York. As a student in New York it is difficult to live without my vehicle so my family decided back home that I can bring my car up, but the only chance I have to do this is late November. My family is concerned about me driving so far in harsh weather, as I've never really had experience driving in snow and such. Is there any such route that anyone can recommend? Is I-80 a reliable route in late November. Time wise, I'd ideally like to have the trip done in 5 days, no time for sight seeing as I have to go to school, but I can leave earlier to give myself more time if necessary. Any tips to relieve my parents woes would be greatly appreciated

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    There are at lest 2 completely different "reliable routes" from Portland to the Northeast, which can be a big advantage to you should adverse weather be in the forecast. The first is basically I-90 over the mountains and then either I-90 or I-94 across the upper plains to Chicago. The second is I-82/I-84 to Salt Lake City and then I-80 to Chicago, or even dropping down to I-70 through St. Louis of need be. With that choice, you should most definitely be able to find a route that is free of snow and ice. The one thing you will need to do is keep an eye on the weather forecasts for a few days before you leave and hold a day in hand in case you do hit a storm that makes travel hazardous. You will need at least 5 days to make this trip safely, and then only if the weather co-operates. Add a sixth if you possibly can.

    As for dealing with your parents, remember that they have your health and safety at the forefront of their concerns. Read through this article to get a sense of what they might be worried about and how you might address their objections.


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    How did this trip go? I am making the reverse of this trip in March from Toronto ON to Portland OR.

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    Default Very old thread.

    This trip was completed in 2007 and the OP has not been back since so you are unlikely to get a response here, please note the advice about the driving time required.

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