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    We are moving and have decided to ship one car and take the minivan for a road trip. When we moved out to VA from Northern CA, we took 80-->Denver-->St Louis-->West Virginia-->Northern VA and it was mid April. It was great and we did it without kids in a week at a semi leisurely pace. Now, two kids later and a few months earlier in the year, we are looking for suggestions on an alternate route. Knowing that weather is unpredictable, and so are kids, we will build in extra days, but as far as a route to take, we are pretty much starting from scratch.

    We are still in the beginning phases of planning so are open to all suggestions... especially from anyone with experience traveling with a 1 and 3 year old! :) Actually, this summer we spent about 7 days traveling from VA up through most of NY, mix of camping and hotels. It was great, but really didn't spend more than 4-5 hours in the car each day. I am not sure we would be able to adhere to that kind of a timeline for a trip cross country.

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    You have the choice of several possible routes. The shortest would also be my preferred route, and this is to take I-81 southwest out of Virginia to Knoxville where you'd pick up I-40 to Oklahoma City and then on to Flagstaff, AZ, At Flagstaff, you'd take I-17 down to Phoenix and then a short jog on I-10 west and AZ-85 south to I-8 into San Diego. At around 2700 miles, depending on where in Virginia you're starting from, that would allow for a relatively leisurely 7-10 day trip through some new (for you) parts of the country.

    Another option would be to take I-64 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City, and then as above. That would only be about 50 miles longer than the above route, but you've already covered the eastern portion of it.

    One last option would be to, rather than turn west on I-40 at Knoxville, take I-75 south from there to Chattanooga and then I-59 to Birmingham, AL. From there I-20/I-10/I-8 would take you across Texas and the southwest to your destination.

    Those 3 routes differ by less than a hundred miles on a roughly 2750 mile cross-country drive, so you can pick between them solely on the basis of which appeals to you, or if you're willing to wait until just a day or two before you leave, on the basis of the weather predicted for each while you're on the road. If you can take 9 days for this journey then you only have to cover about 300 miles a day, a pace that can be done in about 6 hours of driving a day, leaving plenty of time for stops every couple of hours to tend to the kids and show the 3 year old at least something of the country you'll be crossing


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    Thanks so much! I like the idea of going through flagstaff... Would love to see that part of AZ. I will check out the three suggestions you have to see the sights along the way. Also to see if we know people we can stay with to save on hotels. the six hours of driving seems to be a good estimate. We are thinking of packing the kids in early (like 4 or 5am) and hope that they sleep a little and the roads will be clear while we drink coffee. then we can turn in at the same time at night so we are well rested for the day.

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