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    Were planning on doing a big road trip from New York down to florida next summer after we graduate from university in England. Being new to this we have no idea about costs/the best way to do this. In terms of what we want to do initially we're going to spend a few weeks investigating the cities in the north-east (NY, Washington, Boston etc) then drive down through the national parks (smoky mountains, blue ridge parkway) until we hit florida where we'll finish with a week or so in miami and orlando. What is the cheapest way of doing this e.g buying or renting cars. We'll both be 22 next summer. We're quite happy to stay in cheap nasty places as well. Any advice is highly appreciated.
    phil and emma
    ps if we have time we might make a trip to vegas probably by internal flights any tips on that would be good too!

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    Default keeping cost down

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    6 weeks will give you lots of time to explore the East Coast. You should be able to spend several days in each spot, and you could still probably have time to make a quick flight out to Vegas if you really want.

    As far as renting a car, you will pay more to rent a car because you're between 21-24, but you shouldn't have too much problem finding a company that will work with you. However, I think instead of renting a car for this whole trip, I think I would stick with mass-transit for the Boston-DC section of your trip. All of the cities are fairly difficult to drive because of heavy traffic, and can be very expensive to park. Train Service on the Boston-NY-DC corridor is really pretty good, and bus/subway service should let you see anything you want inside the city. On your way out of DC, then you could rent a car and continue your trip south, which should save you quite a bit of money.

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    Hi everyone
    We're planning a summer roadtrip from Boston to Miami next year after we graduate from university. Out of curiosity how much should we expect to pay for return flights from the uk to boston/new york/anywhere in that area thats cheap to get to. We'll be leaving mid-July and returning late in August. If costs allow we would be returning from Miami as well unless it's cheaper to get a connecting internal flight back to whichever airport we entered the country. Any good agents to speak to would be appreciated too!
    Phil and Emma

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Airline ticket prices depend on the exact dates and day(s) of the week you intend to travel as well as the class of service. They change daily and even sometimes hourly, so no price you're quoted should be considered cast in stone until you actually book it. Right now I'm finding prices that start around $650 (£315) for round-trip coach between London and New York, or $880 (£425) between London and Boston. July is a peak travel period, after all. What you'll need to do is check fairly often on a web site that will search through the maze of available airfares (such as you'll find by clicking the "Travel Reservations" button on the green toolbar at the top of this page) and watch for when a ticket with a good price appears. But those numbers should at least give you a ballpark figure and a place to start your price comparisons.


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    hi there,

    as far as cheap flights from the uk are concerned. try or

    me and a friend are doing a similar trip next summer. but we're starting in NY and finishing in los angeles a month later. our flight to new york from london and the returning flight from los angeles cost a total of £480. but we've since seen ones as cheap as £380 depending on flight times, connecting flights etc.

    but check these 2 sites as theyre really user firendly and the best prices we found.

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