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    I am just wondering if any of you that have done some big loops around the US in a Rental car had any problems with returning the car after driving it for 8000+ miles? I know that the car rentals are unlimited miles but didn't know if there was any creative legal speak hidden in any of the car rental agreements. Are there any requirements for chaning oil and such when you go over a certain mileage factor in a rental car?

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    But read your agreement carefully. I rented a car for just such a trip a couple of years ago. It was a shade over 7000 miles when all was said and done. The rental agreement said unlimited mileage and the company honored it. The person when I checked it in didn't eave bat an eye. Nor did they ask if I changed the oil. I did, but that was for my own peace of mind, why not maintain the car when it only costs $20-25? If I planned to put 8000 mile on the car I think I'd change the oil once for sure, probably after about 4000 miles. One thing to watch out for. I've noticed in several recent cases when I've gone to book a car on-line, the rental company will ask if I'll be picking up the car in the same city in which I live. If I answer yes, the unlimited mileage provision will disappear. Presumably this is to protect then from people like you and me. If you find this, just look for another company. When they offer unlimited mileage, they're betting that you won't put more than about 100 miles a day on the car. Most of the time they win this bet. Occasionally they lose. But just like the House in Las Vegas, the odds are in their favor and they win in the long run.


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