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    Default grand canyon to yosemite?

    We are coming over from Australia and we will be making a road trip with the family from LA to vegas to grand canyon. We want to end up at yosemite and then to lake tahoe to start work. Does any one have any suggestions for things to see and do on the way. And which route should I take. we will have about 12 days to fill in. We love to hike and get into the land scapes etc. How far is it to Mesa verde and other arizona parks on the way. Any suggestions would be great. Date leaving are 2/12/07 onward . cheers

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    Default Wait on Yosemite, But See These Instead

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you are probably aware, your summer is our winter, so there will be lots of snow, particularly in the Lake Tahoe region and in the Sierra Nevada of southeastern California. While this will make the scenery gorgeous, it will also make it a bit more difficult to get around. In particular, most of the state highways that cross the mountains south of US-50 and north of I-40 are either closed for the entire winter or subject to intermittent closures. So I think I'd hold off on seeing Yosemite until after you are ensconced in the Lake Tahoe area and have time to explore it in full.

    In that case, you'd start by heading from L.A. to the Grand Canyon. This will take a full day of driving, so make sure that you're over your jet lag before starting out. From the Canyon head up through Kayenta, AZ to US-163 through Monument Valley, then cut back on UT-262 and CO-41 to US-160 and Mesa Verde National Park. Next, make your way back across Utah on US-666, US-191, I-70 and I-15 to Las Vegas. This routing will take you right by a few more of the southwest's unique national parks: Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Then after Las Vegas, you can head north (by west) through Death Valley to Lake Tahoe. The only question is, how much of that can you fit into 12 days!

    If you do plan to see more than a couple of the above national parks, be sure to get a National Parks Pass at the first one you come to.


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    Default accomodation

    Would we have to book our accom at that time of the year, around arizona etc. What would the drive time be from grand canyon to mesa verde. Thanks

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    Default Time and Rooms

    It will take you on the order of 6 hours to drive from the Grand Canyon to Cortez, CO if you go through Monument Valley. Cortez is the nearest town to Mesa Verde that is large enough to have several options for overnight lodging. If you spend the morning at the Canyon and leave say a little after noon, you will be driving through Monument Valley around sunset, for some absolutely breathtaking vistas.

    Except in areas that are essentially ski resorts, you should not have a hard time finding accommodations without reservations. Still, if you know where you'll be staying each night, why not have a reservation? Often the rate you can get on a room by pre-booking on the web is less than the 'rack rate' - what you'll pay if you just show up in the evening looking for a room.


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    thanks for that its a great help when your onthe other side of the planet.

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    Default hire 4x4 or 2wd

    I am doing a trip from LA to Vegas to the Grand Canyon then Zion and down to Kings Canyon, Yosemite and finishing in Reno. Does any one have any advice if I need a 4x4 or will a Dodge Caravan (carying chains) do the trick. We will be traveling in early december for 2 weeks. I am not sure on how much snow they get on those roads and if there are many passes we have to cross. regards AL

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