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    Default WA to Yuma AZ itinerary suggestions welcome!

    I'm heading solo from Rochester, WA to visit my sister in Yuma on Nov 10th.
    I've heard the I-5 route to Bakersfield, then hang a big left (LOL), and of late,
    going thru Nevada to Las Vegas, but that route doesn't look as easy. Is it me, or is driving thru Nevada to Las Vegas, then straight down to Yuma a better way to get to Yuma AZ? I'm driving my 99 C5 Corvette coupe, so I can't go thru any passes that require chains. This will be my longest trip in my C5 yet. I've done a couple of round trips to Roseburg, OR, but that's all.
    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance!!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Why swing to Vegas?

    If you're just going to Yuma and really aren't going to be stopping in Vegas for a visit, I'm not sure why you're swinging over to Vegas to get to Yuma. A more direct route would be to skirt the edge of LA, or, take I-40 over to the Lake Havasu / Needles area and go south. Are you planning on visiting Vegas or just using that as a reference point city?

    And, as far as passes that require chains, really the only one you should be worrying about is the Shasta-Cascade area. I would watch the weather report and see what is up, you may have to bail off of I-5 and take to the Coast route. Usually I might recommend going via Utah, but you're in a much better position to stick to I-5 at this point.

    That's about all I can come up with for the time being, let me know if I missed something.


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    Default Thanks Arizona

    Not planning to stop in Vegas, just using as ref. point.
    My orig. plan was to use I-5 thru Cal, but some of the folks I know were saying nix on Cal, and that they go thru Nevada, starting at Kalamath Falls.
    So I checked that out, using maps available on the web, but all I could come up with were zig zag routes to take me down to Vegas. So that is why I thought of asking for help on this forum. To me, going thru Cal and then taking a left at Bakersfield looks to be the quickest route to Yuma.

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    Default Alternative Transportation Routes

    There are two basic problems with coming inland through Nevada. The first is the added mileage. Even the straightest route through the Basin and Range province of western Nevada adds about 80-100 miles to the length of your trip. The other is, as you point out, you'd have to cross several extra mountain ranges and passes through southern Oregon and northwestern California. The route down through Medford, OR and Reno, NV would certainly get my vote for being more scenic than the drive down the largely agricultural Central Valley on I-5, but there is a price to pay for it, so not in a C5 in the winter. Actually, the shortest route is to stay on I-5 all the way down to San Diego and then take I-8 to Yuma (if you don't mind driving through L.A.)


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