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    Hi all. Joined not too long ago and have enjoyed reading all the posts. Planning a road trip Feb 14, 2008, NY to Orlando, my husband, 17yr old son and myself, 10 days to drive down and fly back. We want to stop in DC and have a day to spend there and want to be able to have about 4 days in Orlando for fun and sun. This is our first road trip venture and so we are trying our best to plan very carefully. Any suggestions for "should not miss" stops along the way? Any advise would be great!

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    Well, it's a minimum two day drive from New York to Orlando. Add a day in Washington, 4 days in Orlando, and a day spent flying back and you've used up 8 of your available 10 days already. The spots I'd try to be sure to see in those other two days, and spread out a bit along your route are Richmond/Petersburg for the history, South of the Border for the unbelievable kitsch, Savannah for the charm, and St. Augustine for the heritage.


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    Thanks for your recommendations. I checked out the links you sent along and South of the Border is a definite stop as well as Savannah. Both should be fun for our son and well as us.

    Much thanks again!


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