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    Hey everyone,
    We're a group of British students planning on taking a gap year next year and spending three months of it exploring the east coast. The general itinery is Boston, New York, Philly, Baltimore, Washington then onto Florida via wherever we feel like. Oh and we're planning on doing it from October '08 til January '09. Any advice on the best way to go about an undertaking of this size, whats the best way to sort transport or accomodation, where's the best places to go etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is certainly possible to see everything form Boston to Miami in three months and to have a fun and (dare I say it) educational time doing so. I'm assuming from your reference to gap year that you are going to be roughly 17-18 years of age, in which case renting a car is going to range from difficult to impossible, and in any case would prove very expensive. So you should be looking at trains and busses for your main inter-city transportation. Amtrak offers passes similar to the old Eurail Pass or BritRail Pass to foreign residents. and the only national bus company, Greyhound, also offers a relatively inclusive pass. The bus will let you get to more places, while train travel will tend to be faster, particularly if you only plan to hit the larger cities or towns along the rail lines.

    While not as prevalent as in Europe, there are some hostels in the U.S. And while there are many low cost motel chains in the U.S., They generally presume that you will drive to their locations, often on the outskirts of towns. So to start planning, have a look at our planning pages, make a first draft of a working (and realistic) budget, get a fair idea of what it will cost you to travel around and how long you can really afford to be on your own with no additional income. Then once you've got an outline of your trip, come on back for more detailed advice. When you do so, be sure to let everyone know what your interests are and what you'd particularly like to see.

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    We're actually all going to be 21 or 22, its a gap year after college so we would like to look into either buying or renting a car. As for interests we all play (American) Football for our Uni so seeing as many high school, college and nfl games as possible is the major concern. Thanks for the advice.

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    Being 21 will help, but you'll still have to do some serious comparison shopping to find a car hire company that doesn't penalize you too much for your age, so start looking early. Buying and reselling a car would be possible, but start now to research the laws in the state where you plan to buy (New York, or possibly Connecticut or New Jersey), particularly in regards to registering the car without a permanent residence in that state - which is going to be your biggest problem.

    As to the football, the New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa andMiami all have NFL teams and each of those teams has a website that will list their schedules well before your trip. But those games tend to be expensive and sold out at any rate. The highest level of College football is played in that area by teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Southeastern Conference, but don't overlook some of the less big-time conferences such as the Sun Belt, the Southern Conference, and at least the South division of the Colonial Athletic Association. In these smaller venues the games take on a much more intimate and fan-friendly atmosphere.


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    Work Maine into your itinerary if at at possible. Especially in the shoulder season when it is not jam-packed with tourists. The Mid-Coast and Acadia, as well as the islands, are well worth a visit, IMO.

    Have fun!

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