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  1. Default Advice- driving from Seattle to Missouri in November- safest drive route.

    I will driving from Puyallup, WA (Seattle area) to Springfield MO on November 15-18 and am wondering which route would be safest and avoid the worst weather road conditions. I initially planned to go through Montana, S. Dakota, Iowa, and then South through Kansas city. I spoke to a friend in Montana that told me that was a gamble for bad snow, but looking further south seems to be just as risky. Any advice would be very welcome.

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    There are two pretty equal (in terms of miles) routes between Seattle and Springfield. The northern route simply follows I-90 to Sioux Falls, SD, then I-29 down to Kansas City and finally US-71 and state routes MO-7/MO-13 to Springfield. The southern route heads down I-82/I-84 to the Salt Lake City area, then I-80 to Lincoln, NE where a short cut-off on US-34 would take you to I-29 and Kansas City, etc. There's only about a 30 mile difference between those two routes, so distance is not going to be the deciding factor. Weather, fickle weather, is. So to be prepared, look over both those routes and have maps for both (or a good general atlas). Then watch the weather forecasts starting a few days prior to your departure and be ready to take whichever one holds the promise of better weather.


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    thanks for the advice...the I90 route was my first choice but not making plans until we get ready to go is probably the wisest plan. That's what I'm going to do. Thanks again.

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