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  1. Default Roadtrip New York To L.A

    Hi there,
    I'm planning a road trip with my fiance through America next year.We would like to travel from coast to coast.
    I've been browsing through the pages and its been realy helpful.
    What i would like to find out what is the most scenic route to take i would like to stay of the main roads to make the most of this trip.We are not sure how long to budget for this maybe someone could give us some useful tips we would also like to venture up north to Canada.
    Now we are both South African and would need visas for America and I assume for Canada as well. Would an international drivers license be sufficiant.
    we are planning to go around in a RV I dont know if that would be best because we are trying to cut cost as much as possible R1=$7 if you know what I'm saying.This is our honeymoon and a once in a lifetime opportunity for us,we are basically selling everything we've got and going to make this possible,and start over when we get back.I would appreciate all the help I can get.I've ordered some of roadtrip America's recommended books but I'm still waiting for delivery-things take a bit longer in Africa.
    If someone knows approximately the daily expenditure for camp or motels and how much food and that sort of thing will go for.
    And the last thing all the must sees that you could possibly think of to recomend-I know there's alot because America is massive!!!!
    I appologise for not spelling correctly I'm not English

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    Default Time Will Be a Major Factor

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    How much time you have to devote to this enterprise will be just as big a limit as money on where you can go and what you can see. For a somewhat relaxed, off-Interstate, one-way coast-to-coast trip, you will need a minimum of a week, and that's without getting to Canada. If you want to return to New York and see some of Canada's highlights, you'd probably need closer to a month. So let me know how much time you'll be spending here and I can try to suggest some routes that make the best use of that time.

    But I can answer some of your other questions. Yes, you will need visas from both the U.S. and Canada. It would be a good idea to check with the local embassy or consulate, or even check out the foreign visitor websites for each country: U.S., Canada

    An International Driver's License is really nothing more than a certified translation of your real driver's license into several other languages for the convenience of local authorities. It is your real license that allows you to drive. So if your current license is in English (even if it is in multiple languages including English) you are fine. Otherwise got an International Driver's License but also bring your real license.

    I think that renting an RV would be a large waste of funds in your case. I would think that you could save quite a bit of money by renting a smaller car (say a midsize or intermediate) and staying in motels. Not only will the per-day rental be much less on the small car, but you'll save another chunk of money on gas and on the one-way drop-off fee if you're not going to return the vehicle to the place where you rent it. Plus, especially if you want to get off on the back roads, an RV can present additional concerns and limitations just because of its size.

    For a general rule of thumb for budgeting purposes, I'd say plan on at least $1000 (R6500) per week. And again, the amount of time you spend on the trip will make a big difference on your overall budget, as will your lifestyle of course. So be sure to let everyone know how long you'll have for your honeymoon. Whatever it is, it won't be enough, but it will be fun.


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    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for the quick reply.i think you have given me alot of answers.Do you know of any good reading material about a similar roadtrip situation? I think the smaller car idea will be better!Could you please just give me an estimate on what something like that would cost per day or week.We will probably go for 6 to 8 weeks.We really want to make the most of this trip,maybe three weeks in Canada and 5 in the USA.
    Ive seen pictures of Canada in the fall and it looks amazing-do you have a certain time you would recommend or that you think wiil be best.I know these questions is hard and personal you can't realy say because for each person its different.
    Another thing that we are dying to do is go to youre national sports NFL,NBA,NHL ive looked on the net and it seems that it starts round Sept for all 3.Is it hard to find tickets for that and can i book it over the net and collect on the day of the game for instance?I dont know if they will post it all the way to SA?
    Just one more question the accommodation in motels-is it like decent and what is the cost more or less?(Motels in SA=Dodgy)If you can think of a website or book for the best attractions,please let me know.
    I just want to say this website is realy cool I get so much info from it!Thank you guys alot!
    I don't know where I would be without this website!

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    Default It's What We're Here For

    To get you started on some reading material and other general aspects of planning your trip, be sure to check our the RoadTrip Planning pages.

    I am a huge fan of travel in the fall and early spring, before or after most Americans hit the road. Fall across the northern U.S. and southern Canada is particularly scenic, as you have noted. Starting from New York in early or mid-October and heading up through New England to Montréal would make a great start to your trip, and still let you see the Canadian Rockies before serious snow starts to fly.

    Professional sports in the U.S. can be quite pricey, and tickets are difficult to get, but yes, the net is the place to go to try. Just be sure to book through the team's own website or a reputable third party vendor such as Ticketmaster. Either will be happy to mail your tickets. If you book through the team, they should offer the option to pick up your tickets at the "will call" window. Don't forget that there are NHL teams (still) in Canada, as well as the CFL and college games.

    Motels in the U.S. are almost all pretty good: clean, quiet and safe. There are exceptions of course, but if you stick to the national chains or places recommended by AAA/CAA, I would not anticipate any problems.

    You've already found the best (in our humble opinion) website for info on the best attractions once you start to finalize your route.


  5. Default season

    Hi there,

    I have decided that we will start our travels 1st aug till end of sept.
    I just would like to find out wether or not you have ski resorts anywhere in america with year long ski facilities.its something we've always wanted to do and just thought we could maybe fit it in while we are there-maybe in Canada?

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    HI AZbuck,

    Im busy doning my bookings and i just want to clear something you mentioned in my earlier questions?you said i should bargain on $1000 per week does that include the gas? Im trying to work out my budget and the miles and the amount of gallons that will be used on your calculator very helpful-but if the $1000 does not include that it will be a bit of a bummer.I worked out that we will be traveling round about 11200 thats some serious driving!And serious money.
    Would you please assist.

    I would appreciate a reply asap because i need to book my flights soon-I will be comming in May
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  7. Default That cost should include Gas...

    If I may step in here?

    You need to put together a rough budget for what you want to do and where you want to go.

    For two people, I get around $1250 per week, without roughing it too much including gas.

    For real ROM numbers for a budget..

    Hotel -- $80/ night (you might end up finding good places for $70-80 or under, but some places it will be more than this)

    Food -- I always look for a hotel that provides a simple continental type break fast in the morning (cold cereal, coffee, juice, rolls). But you'll need to include lunch and dinner. Lunch in a fast food place will be about $10-15, and in a restaurant (family style, lower end) will be maybe $20-30 per night. You can reduce this by getting a cooler and making your lunches which will reduce your cost for 2 people down to about $10 or so, and give you snacks as well But if you figure $30 per day for 2, that's about right, assuming you make your own lunches and don't go crazy for dinner. (and of course, somewhere fancy can be waayyyy more than this.)

    Gas -- This depends upon the vehicle you have (miles per gallon), the price of gas (varies place to place, usually depending upon local or state taxes), and how far you drive. A reasonable rule of thumb is to limit travel to about 300 miles per day (some days might be more, some might be less -- but 300 is probably about 6 hours driving per day). At roughly $3.50 per gallon, and say 20 miles per gallon, that about $50 per day, or around $350 per week. Some vehicles will do much better on mileage, and some places have more or less expensive gas.

    Incidentals. You can't travel and not pick up minor incidentals -- parking and entrance fees at places, souvieners, that tube of toothpaste you forgot, batteries for the camera, etc. etc. Figure another $20 or so on the low end, although you can control this -- some folks I know run $100 per day....

    So adding all this up is 7 days at $80+30+50+20 per day, or 7*180 = $1260 per week.

    You can cut this down by camping (you can camp for about $25 per night), or by making your own dinners (sandwiches, or cooking in a campground). That can save you up to around $400 per week (figuring $25 per night camping, plus $20 per day for food + 50+20 = 7*115 = $800) But you need to either bring, or purchase basic camping equipment.

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    Hi Larrison,

    Thanks for the help-that makes thing alot easier.Im booking the tickets today.One thing that im just concerned about is that we will be traveling in your peak season when i believe it is you're summer holidays June to July should I make my Hotel/Motel bookings way in advance or could I leave that up to ''spur of the moment'' . I do realise that we might up ending in the car some nights if I don't plan well. That will probably make things a bit more interresting.

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    Default rare an issue

    Except in the real peak areas, for example the grand canyon, its pretty rare that you can't find a room somewhere, so your plan should really be fine.

    Here's an article that goes over the often debated issue about reservations.

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