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    Along with two friends, I will be driving from San Francisco to Philadelphia (to spend Christmas/NewYears with family). We plan to leave Dec. 18th and return on Jan 5th.

    I plan on renting a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper, and we are planning on a direct route (mostly I-80) since SanFran and Philly are somehwhat parallel on the map. All three of us will be sharing the driving, so our use of hotel/motels will be limited (if at all).

    We will be taking our 2 miniature schnauzers puppies (Patrick & Sean, 11 and 10 months respectively).

    I'm looking for an advice that might be helpful to us, so please, if you've ever made this trip or have some general advice (particularly with respect to our dogs), please just let us know.

    In particular, is there any way to find out where there may be "off-leash" dog parks along out route?

    Any other information or suggestions we should know about?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's not clear from your description of the trip whether you plan on camping out or just driving straight through in shifts. If the later is the case, be sure to read through these tips on making such a trip enjoyable as well as safe. If you plan to camp out, state parks offer some of the best and lowest cost camping available. Driving in December will work to both your advantage and disadvantage. Most state parks are hardly used at all in the winter, so they would make excellent places to stop to give the puppies some exercise. You will most likely have the entire park to yourselves in most cases. However, the lack of use might mean that the campgrounds are closed so be sure to have a look at each state's park website to see what's available. Finally, you seem to have plenty of time to make the trip, so get a good atlas and look at what's along I-80 that appeals to you. Even if you plan to basically drive straight through some physical and mental breaks/exercise would be good for you all as well as the dogs.


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    Thanks for the advice. We are going to pretty much drive through (without camping, per se). We will most likely make one or two motel stops (more for the purpose of showering and cleaning up). We will, as you point out, have sufficient time to make our trip.....are there any particular atractions along I80 that you would recomend?


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    Default Some Top I-80 Sites

    Without overloading a trip that is clearly meant to make time, some of the places along, or near, I-80 that should be on anyone's list of things to see include Lake Tahoe, the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, the Oregon Trail landmarks along the Platte River in western Nebraska, Indiana Dunes, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


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    Gee....thanks a bunch. I can't wait to do some research and plan things out. You're a wealth of information....and I'm very grateful for your advice and kindness.


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