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    I have January free and wanted to do a road trip from San Diego to Seattle. What would be a route and good spots to hit up along the way? Obviously the PCH comes to mind. How many days would it take to drive leisurely along the way without taking up the entire month. I see that its 20 hours from San Diego to Seattle. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello andyh428, and welcome to the RoadTrip America forum.

    Probably the most interesting route is going to be the coast route, following pretty closely along the coast from San Diego through Big Sur, then up through the Redwoods and Oregon Coast, then around the Olympic Pennisula to Seattle. It's probably doable in about a week, depending upon where you stop, what you want to do or see, and how lesiurely or fast you want to do the drive.

    The fastest route would to be to essentially follow I-5 north through California's Central Valley, and then the Williamette Valley in Oregon, through Portland and straight north into Seattle. That's driveable in 2 days, but they are long days of driving -- essentially the whole day behind the wheel with minimal stops. (Note, while the computer may say "20 hours", that's not including any stops for gas, stretching your legs, finding a bathroom, having a meal, or any sightseeing.... My estimate would be closer to 24 hours driving time in the car...)

    In comparison, I would notionally put a coast route trip as..

    Day 1 - SD to Ventura area.
    Day 2 - Ventura to San Luis Obispo/ Moro Bay area.
    Day 3 - SLO to Monterey
    Day 4 - Monterey Bay to Point Arena
    Day 5 - Point Arena to Eureka
    Day 6 - Eureka to Coos Bay
    Day 7 - Coos Bay to Aberdeen
    Day 8 - Aberdeen around the Olympic Penninsula to Seattle.

    I can easily see adding several days to this trip, just for interesting places (Hearst Castle/ Monterey/ Carmel, Redwoods, Olympic National Park, etc.)

    The concerns I would have about this trip would be weather and temperature -- you'll need to be prepared for winter weather ranging from cold and wet, to snow & ice. It's a very doable trip, but you'll need to be prepared. One advantage of taking the coast route is that the weather tends to be a little more moderate along that route, compared to inland, but you can still see snow (partciularly in Oregon and Washington) if a storm hits.

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    What if I just do the California road trip:

    (Day 1) - San Diego to Los Angeles
    (Day 2) - Los Angeles/Burbank
    (Day 3) - Los Angeles to Monterey
    (Day 4) - Monterey to San Francisco
    (Day 5) - San Francisco
    (Day 6) - San Francisco
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    ok thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to tweak a few things in regards to where I start and end.
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    Andy, when I lived in Huntington Beach, CA, I did a road trip to San Fran that was about 6 days.

    Day 1 - Drove up freeway from HB to SF, only stopped for lunch
    Day 2 - Auto sight-see SF - followed 49-mile Drive, it was great
    Day 3 - Drove down coast to Carmel, stayed over
    Day 4 - Drove down coast to Cambria (Hearst Castle), stayed over
    Day 5 - Drove down coast to Santa Barbara, stayed over
    Day 6 - Drove down coast, stopped for lunch in Malibu, drove back to HB

    The drive along PCH is just so beautiful. I had been hoping to go all the way to Seattle but as you can see, it took a week just going to San Fran. Have fun and enjoy!

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