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  1. Default Traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Kenosha, WI: Safest Route??

    Hello all,

    I am planning on moving from Phoenix, AZ to Kenosha, WI in mid-December. I am wondering if any of you had any suggestions for a safe, fast route with minimal snow/ice along the way. Google maps suggests this route:

    However, I don't know if taking the I-40 all that way is entirely safe. I don't know quite what to do...

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    Default Why would it be unsafe?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is there any reason that you think it would be unsafe to take I-40?

    The fact is that in December, pretty much any cross country route can see bad weather. Having said that, planning to take the shortest, most direct route will have you on the road the least amount of time, and as such will be the least likely to have you running into bad weather.

    I'd plan to take the I-40 route, however, if there are ice storms across the lower plains at the time of your trip (and you won't know until basically a day or two before you leave), then I might head up I-25 to Denver, and then take I-76 and I-80 across Nebraska. This route adds about 100 miles to your total trip, and you'd be a little more likely to hit snow instead of ice if there is bad weather.

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