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Thread: tioga pass ???

  1. Default tioga pass ???

    just wondered about this ?? would the tioga pass be open around the beg of oct ????

    i fancy staying overnight on the outskirts of the park where would the best area to stay be ?? and how long then to vegas ??

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    Default yeah

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Tioga Pass doesn't usually close until at least the end of October. Its open right now, for instance.

    There are a couple of villages outside the park that are about 45 minutes to the heart of the Yosemite Valley. Its hard to say what one would be "best" since we don't know anything else about your trip.

    Yosemite to Vegas travel time is going to depend upon what route exactly you are planning to take, but basically you need to plan for it being a full day on the road.

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    After Tioga Pass, I stopped at June Lake, which was roughly 40 minutes from there if memory serves. It's a very beautiful place, a gorgeous lake surrounded by nature and silence.

    To Vegas from Yosemite takes a day indeed. For me I left June Lake around 9h30, went through Death Valley (stopped at Badwater Point at around 2PM) and arrived in Vegas around 5:30 (again, iirc.)

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    I passed the Tioga pass today, it's surely open for now. For the night, I stayed in Lee Vining on the east side of Yosemite, there are a couple of motels there (otherwise it's not much..). It is one day to Las Vegas, although I did it in two (to enjoy Death valley some more).

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