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    Default A Brand New Trip Planning Service

    Today was the public launch of a new road trip planning service, built by LeisureLogix and being hosted by I haven't had time to really "kick the tires" yet on this one -- but the preliminary look seems well done.

    So, please take a few moments and check this out. Start here, and then post your comments.



  2. Default Oh no!

    I've already spent a few hours on a similar site today:

    Off to take a look.....
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  3. Default Very cool site!

    I may have missed it, but is there an option to "interrupt"" the trip for a week? My upcoming trip involves a side trip, so that would affect the itinerary and mileage.

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    Default I Like It

    I just plugged in Keithville to Yellowstone and put in the No Freeway Option. Very interesting route. I even had to think a bit to figure out what route they were using to get me out of Louisiana, but it sounds like fun. I definitely like the way you can fiddle around with variations of your trip. I'll have to check it out for some of my more random Gig Trips I do to the middle of no where Texas and report back.


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    Default New Toys!

    I'm liking the Travelocity one a lot. Almost as good as AAA's. The Mapquest one seems a bit more clunky to use to me. Maybe I need to play with it more? I like the fact that you can choose Highways, Avoid Highway, and No Highway options. Other cool options, too.

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    Default You have to look at this one!

    South Africa is way, way out of our jurisdiction -- but you have to look at this new road trip planning tool developed by TourEagle.

    Plug in the various options and look at the route suggestions it creates. It is really an amazing application for a non-commissioned route planner.


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    I would like to suggest "Dom & Liz's Visual Route Planner", a new tool which allows you to input many destinations at once, and construct your route by pointing-and-clicking where you want to visit. You'll receive a full list of driving directions in the order that you clicked, allowing you to create the best and most efficient route possible.

    This tool is completely free to use.

    Dom & Liz's Visual Route Planner:

    Here's a picture of it in action, to give you an idea of how it works:

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    That last one looks a lot like Google Maps which I love (esp. right clicking to add destinations out of the blue) but it runs a bit slow on older computers like mine at work. I'm liking this Travelocity one too.

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    If you guys are members of facebook you can check out a new travel planning and sharing tool. It's more about group planning (building itineraries and setting to-do lists together) and sharing than providing research if that's what you're into.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flk View Post
    If you guys are members of facebook you can check out a new travel planning and sharing tool.
    Only problem Iv'e found with facebok is that there appears to be no way of adding something in to you r schedule - an extra day here or there - with out manualy changing every other activity on your list to the day after!!! Quite frustrating.

    Is really good for planning with friends who are miles away though.
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