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  1. Default Itinerary Ideas? HELP- Denver,CO to LA

    How many days should I plan on a road trip from Denver to Los Angeles taking?

    Is 7 good?

    If I have 7 days where are some good places to stop? And for how long?
    * ie- breckenridge, vail, aspen? Grand Canyon? Vegas? Etc.

    I will be driving in mid February in a 4 door small and old bmw if that makes a difference.

    Any route suggestions?

    Never done a road trip on my own so any suggestions would be great!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Its about 2 days each way from Denver to LA, so assuming this is a round trip 7 days will give you a decent chance to stop and see things along the way.

    Of course, I can't tell you where to stop because I have not idea what you're looking for out of this trip. LA is your destination, so I assume you want to spend at least a little time in Southern California? Las Vegas would be another city that would be right on your way. Then you'd have tons of national parks to chose from, including Arches and Zion if you wanted to stay near I-70/I-15, and others like Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde if you want to get a little farther off the interstate.

    I'd say the key will be figuring out where you want to go first, and then build your route around that. Personally, I'd leave off places like Vail and Aspen, because you could easily do them as a weekend trip from Denver in the future, but its your trip, you can go anywhere you want!

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    I am from LA so no need to see it more.

    I am living in India right now...(the country not Indiana), so I wont have much of a chance to see vail or aspen for a long time.

    I love vegas and would like to stop there, but I also would love to see the grand canyon.

    I would like to see some other places I have never seen ie- anywhere in arizona, new mexico, other cities in Colorado.

    This is a girls trip... we are all 25... so we want a variety of activities... mainly new people, places, and things...

    We love unique bars, fun shopping, good food, beautiful landscapes, kayaking (although I think I'll leave that out in winter), hiking only if you are hiking TO something interesting... not so much into hiking just to hike.

    We are beach bunnies, not mountaineers, but trying to broaden our horizons. ;)

    I just dont know where to go and where to skip and what places to go to first.

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    Ok, you're going all over the place here, so lets start by getting a little focus.

    You've got 7 days for this trip, and I guess now it is a one way trip? If that's the case, where are you getting the car from?

    It sounds like spending some time in the various ski-towns throughout Colorado is something you want to do, so I certainly would recommend doing that. Keep in mind towns like Aspen and Vail can be VERY expensive, so you'll likely want to look for lodging a little ways out of town.

    I have a feeling that you'd really enjoy Sante Fe and maybe Taos in New Mexico. So perhaps you'd want to just work your way south through Colorado, and head down into New Mexico, before going across I-40 towards the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

    You would be spending a fair amount of time on mountain roads with this path, and certainly considering the time of year you'd have to expect some delays and slowdowns. You'll certainly also want to get chains for your car, (practice putting them on too), and read up on Winter Driving skills
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    I am driving one way in about 2 days, and then the way back in about 7... long story about the car, but it is a families car. My thought was I would drive more direct and not really see much in the two day drive, and on the way back I could get off the path a little more.

    All I really need to know right now is where are the places in between Colorado and California that people LOVE and often recomend stoping on this drive?

    Thanks Again for your help!

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    Default breaking it up

    It will probably make more sense to make this a more even loop than a sprint one way. If you rush to Denver, you won't have time to see things along the way, so you'll either have to back track or skip those things.

    Those things include Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Arches, for example. All of them are on the direct route for this trip, and would certainly be the so to speak "can't miss" attractions of the journey.

    You won't be able to spend any significant time at any of those places if you try to get to Denver in 2 days. You could hit them on the way back, but then you'll have to go pretty far out of your way to get to other possible stops, like the Grand Canyon or anything in New Mexico.

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