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  1. Default UK- San Fran - Vegas- UK

    Hello to our Cousins across the pond. I'm arranging a trip for 6 of us Brits to pop along and see you, (old chap,toodle pip, whatto, etc), next September. I've planned to fly into SFO, stay 2 days there doing touristy type things, such as asking "Whats a dime in real money then?" and getting lost in the less salubrious parts of Town. We then drive across to Yosemite, staying somewhere 'en route'. (Any suggestions gratefully accepted). From there on down to Death Valley, possibly stop off at Stovepipe Wells or Funace Creek, then on for 4 days of controlled debauchery in Vegas !!! From there fly back to the UK and rain, high taxes, Petroleum Spirits (or Gas as you call it) at about $10 per Gallon, and REAL beer.

    I've read quite a few of the threads so it seems eminently do-able, and by chance I'd planned a route through Tioga pass, which seems to be the way to go judging from the comments.

    Anyway, the real question is this: Is it a good idea to go through Death Valley in September, or am I being a complete Hooray Henry?


    Sir Charles Whittington-Smythe III (Not really, but I expect it got your attention!)

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    Default September is goog

    Any month is a good month to see Death Valley. When I was over last September it was most agreeable. It was 130 degrees at Badwater Basin - bet you can't stay outside for long in that! :)

    Yosemite, Tioga Pass, Death Valley, Las Vegas... you're doing okay there, my friend. It's all good. Personally I prefer not to book accomodation and just pull off the highway and find a hotel/motel en route. That is exactly what we did between San Fran and Yosemite and I am sure that you won't have too much problem finding anywhere either.

    If you stop as close as possible to Yosemite then make an early start the next morning you should be able to have a reasonable look around before heading out toward Death Valley. Exit over Tioga Pass and look to stop somewhere like Bishop. The next day another early start will leave you enough time to have a good look at Death Valley AND make it all the way to Vegas. It'll be a long day but it's very possible.

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    Default Brits Everywhere!

    Sorry - just poking a little fun at Craig.

    Anyway - here's a good thread that was started by an Aussie. It discusses many of the routes and things to do betwen San Francisco and Vegas and also supplies links to other thread about this subject.

    Happy Planning!


  4. Default Cheers chuck

    Just wanted to say thanks for your input, I'm intending to take 3 to 4 days to do the trip so hopefully we'll have plenty of opportunity for a sunbathe in Death Valley !!!!

    One more thing though, is it best to pre-book Vegas hotels or just turn up?

    Tally Ho !

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    Pre book. There are plenty of rooms in Vegas (seriously... LOTS!) but that leads to huge queues at the check-in desks. When you roll up looking for a room, queue for what seems like forev, then get to the front and are told, 'sorry, no room at the inn' it gets a little frustrating. Besides there are some very cheap deals to be had when booking in advance.

  6. Default San Francisco accomodation

    Hello again, Many thanks to those that replied to my earlier post about going from SF to Yosemite, Death Valley, and then Vegas. Very helpful indeed.

    Now I need some help with accomodation in SF. I keep reading reviews of hotels and am getting confused. Do we opt for budget accomodation, (which seem to either be older or in an unsavoury part of town), or do we need to go for it & splash out on a more upmarket pad? Also, if we're doing things like Alcatraz & Fishermans Wharf, etc, where's best to look at?

    Once again, all contributions gratefully accepted.


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    I went to San Francisco a few years ago. I was able to get a room for $80 a night near Fishermans Wharf (or at least close enough to walk). It just took a lot of searching. I definitely recommend pre-booking everything for San Francisco - rooms, Alcatraz, and any other planned tour you want to take. Also when looking for a hotel room make sure that parking is provided. It amazed me how many hotels didn't have parking garages there.

    It's a small city. We wound up parking the car (getting it out of that tiny garage is another story) and just walking around San Fran. There's a very good bus and trolley transit system that can get you to wherever you want. We had a blast and it's a city that is on our list for further exploration one of these days.


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    Default Are you into shabby chic?

    The Redwood Inn and Greenwich Inn seem to have decent reviews for lower-priced motels (under $100/night). If you don't mind things being a bit shabby but clean. But read any reviews carefully. I've never stayed at these so I'm not recommending them. Just passing along what I've found. They are both in walking distance to major tourist attractions like Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf (again, per reviews not personal experience).

    When my son went to NYC, we took a chance on reservations at a very low-priced hotel near the Broadway area. Reviews were mixed. People seemed to love or hate the place. The other parents and I were a bit nervous sending our just-graduated from high school kids all the way across the country to a place that was iffy. But they reported that it was shabby but clean, staff was nice, and it felt very safe. No problems.

    But it's always a bit of a crapshoot, isn't it?

    Hope somebody pops in with actual experience at a lower-priced place.

  9. Default Lodging Ladies


    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I guess I'll just keep searching, read the reviews thoroughly, and then take the plunge. If it turns out to be seriously crappy, we'll vote with our feet & go elsewhere.

    Just one thing though, a crapshoot! a crapshoot? What's that in real English then ?


  10. Default Definition...

    Crapshoot means you're rolling the dice -- not sure of the outcome.

    It comes from the gambling game "craps", where players "shoot the dice" (eg, throw them) to see if they get the right combination.

    The word is proper english, it's listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, for example. Link

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