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    Default Illinois Plates a TARGET in Wisconsin

    I live in Illinois and I have been going to Wisconsin Dells on vacation every year with my family for over ten years now. I spend on the average of $2000.00 for the trip, hotel and everyting else every year to enjoy going to the Wisconsin Dells. Just a few weeks ago we got stopped in Jueanu County for doing 11 miles over the speed limit in a 55 mile per hour zone by a Juenau County Sheriff. The face cost of the ticket is $160.80. I am absolutely CONVINCED that if I had a Wisconsin plate on the car my wife would not have even been stopped. Living in Illinois is costly enough with the toll roads to Wisconsin and car insurance. I have had to hire an attorney for $250.00 to try to eliminate this ticket, or at least just pay the $160.00 fine so it does not come back to the state of Illinois and have my insuranced rates go even higher for a stinking 11 MPH over speeding ticket or risk getting dropped by the name brand insurance company. I guess what I am trying to say is if this ticket is not resolved reasonably for some $400.00 to the County of Juenau I will never spend my yearly vacation allowance in the State of Wisconsin again. I will post on this after the attorney tries to resolve the issue. I havent heard if Ohio welcomes visitors but let me know and I will consider vacationing there next year.
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    Default Um

    you were going over the speed limit. I've seen people (with Louisiana tags) stopped for going 5 over the limit in Louisiana. The limit is the limit. Sorry you've got a ticket, but...

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    I understand the fact that its a ticket but lets see how many people post to the Target Illinois Plates in Wisconsin Poll. Thanks for the comments. A spotless driving record could have recieved a warning.
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    Sorry, I don't go along with this at all. I like to 'make good progress' myself (as anyone who's been in a car with me will confirm!) but if I get stopped then it's my own fault and I have to hold my hands up to that. I took a conscious to exceed the speed limit and if I get stopped - in my home country or not - then I have to pay the penalty.

    Here in Europe, whilst not specifically targetted whilst outside the UK, we will almost certainly get a tug if spotted by the local politzei. Therefore we tend to respect the speed limits that little more whilst on the continent and stay out of trouble.

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    Interesting responses so far maybe it is my own ignorance or just the fact of coughing up 400 bucks that hurts me so bad. I mean I could see 20 over or something, but 11?

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    Ok, Why are you going to pay $400 for a $160 ticket?

    If you really have a perfect driving record, then one ticket isn't going to keep you from getting insurance or even substantially raise your insurance rates. Hiring an attorney is just going to throw good money after bad.

    Suck it up, most of us have gotten at least one ticket at one time or another. I've gotten 2 tickets in Wisconsin, same is true for my wife, and we both drive cars with Cheddar plates. If you're doing more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, you're asking for a ticket, no matter what state you are from.

    You can also be thankful you're not like someone I know from this summer, who is from Illinois, got pulled over by a member of the Illinois State Police for doing 5 mph over the limit in a construction zone. Going 50 in a 45, even though there were no workers around for at least a mile, got her a $375 ticket.

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    I just figured it was the smart thing to do, have an attorney make it go away. In IL you can go to court for supervision for three months and no conviction. Just wanted to keep the record of hers clean and I know about the construction zones they just put a truck there and snap your photo and send you the ticket for 375. if u go to court for that one without paying it it costs you an extra 50 bux. Heard that from a friend who did the same in the zone.

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    Default defensive driving option!

    I don't know what the laws in either state are and I live in Texas so I may be sticking my foot in my mouth, but I am still confused?

    Why would a $160 ticket cost you $400? Maybe I missed something.

    In Texas you can plead no contest to a ticket like that (assuming you don't have any outstanding warrents or another speeding ticket within the past year), pay only the court fees and take defensive driving. As long as you complete the course within the predetermined time limit then the ticket stays off your record and your insurance company doesn't know anything about it. You can also turn in the paperwork for the class and get a discount on your insurance. You can only take the class once every 12 months and it is technically up to the judge who has jursdiction over the area where you got the ticket as to whether or not that is an acceptable option. But I've had several speeding tickets (I'm ashamed to admit it) and non of them have ever been on my record; I've never been penalized by the insurance; and each one only costs me about $100 (court fees and the class).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvr/vaca/in/wiscn/again View Post
    I mean I could see 20 over or something, but 11?
    Why stop at 20? Why not 30 over? Or 40?

    The speed limit here is 70mph. The politzei have been turning a blind eye to anything under 80mph for years. Everyone knew this, of course, so travelled at 90mph with an eye out for the crudely hidden cars. Since the introduction of the Gatso the police no longer bother patrolling the motorways and 90 became the normal cruising speed. These days it's 100mph, give or take, with people in a hurry travelling at speeds far in excess of that. Where will it end? Perhaps we should all just stick within the speed limits and accept the odd ticket as part of the game if we choose not to.

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    Default Dozens of states, never targeted out of state, only instate

    I myself have driven most of the states on the West Coast From WA to AZ and Back via both CA and OR and NV, UT, and ID. My family together have moved to or traveled via most states west of the Mississippi, and not once have we been targeted for having out of state plates. The only times any of us have ever been stopped by a County Mountie or a State Trooper was in the states of our current residence with local plates. The only exception has been my older Brother who was left a note by the Tempe, AZ police department on his truck at work that they had seen his plates in the area for over 180 days and he needed to get local plates.

    I know it's just rehashing what others have said, but, I doubt plates had anything to do with your being stopped. In fact, I would venture to say that the officer really didn't get a good look at your plates until he had already determined he was going to stop you.

    When you go over the speed limit by even 1 MPH, you always run the risk of getting stopped. It's the gamble we all take... 90% of the time those who speed 1-6 MPH win, and the percentage drops dramatically the faster you're going. The point is you took the risk and came up short. Just chalk it up to you did wrong and got caught. I wouldn't blame the county or the state for your indiscretions, as they were your own and no fault of anyone else. I certainly wouldn't say I would never vacation in the state again... that's like someone saying they'd never shop at Target again after being caught trying to give themselves a 5-fingered discount. It really doesn't make much sense.

    I would have paid the fine, a single speeding ticket shouldn't jump your insurance rates very high, especially if you've had a clean record. I was in two accidents within 5 months in Arizona, and both were labeled my fault, my insurance jumped $60 a month and that was it.

    Pay the fine and then enjoy life, and when you vacation there again, just ease off the accelerator a bit. That's the whole purpose of the ticket, is to hopefully show you that the speed limit is the speed limit, and there's not much negotiation that can go on there.


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