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  1. Default teenagers just looking for an adventure!

    Heyyyy, im Arthur and my friends and i want to take a cross country trip on our senior week insead of doing the regular and going to the local beach. i understand that it'll take longer than a week but we still want to do it. we live in West Virginia and are planing to go to California. all of us are 18 years old and still living with mommy and daddy, and what to not only have a great time but have an important leason in life.

    the plan is that we buy some kind of cheap van or RV that'll get us there and back.

    each person start saving money from now till may, there will be about four of us each person should have about 1500 - 2000 dollars by the time of the trip.

    then just cut loose and see what happens.

    all of us are the kind of kids that can rough it and camp every night and just do what it takes to have a good time.


    my number one question is the how much gas will cost,...

    if we had to just stop on the side of some road could we just pitch a tent really quick for the night? or is that a bad idea?

    do u think its really a good idea for 4 teenagers to go across the united states by themselves?
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    Default some issues

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There's nothing wrong with heading out on the road as a teenager. I'd bet most all of the regulars on the forum started getting out on the road when they were 18 or 19, or even younger.

    A couple of initial thoughts:

    First, you really need 5 days minimum to drive across the country, one way, so you really need at least 2 full weeks if you're going to spend any time at all in California once you get there.

    As far as transportation goes, you'll be much better off if one of you can get some sort of reliable transportation that's not included in your budget. Barrowing a car from a parent would probably be the easiest, but if buying a van is going to come out of your total budget, you'll have very little money left for the travel part of your trip.

    As far as gas cost, check out the Fuel Cost Calculator on the left side of your screen. And I'd also read this thread for some more thoughts on planning out your budget.

    There is nothing wrong with camping, but you can't just pitch your tent on the side of the road. In most cases, you'll be trespassing and could get yourself into some hot water. Spending $20 or less per night on campsites will keep you nice and legal, and you'll usually get things like water, toilets, and often showers.

    Finally, a little more reading for you. Teenage Roadtrip is a great article for you to plan for your trip, and to help you show your parents that you are ready for a big adventure. The Roadtrip Compatability Quiz is also a must read to make sure that you and your friends are all on the same page, and stay friends even after your trip is complete.

  3. Default thanks

    thanks for everything,....

    Do you think that $1500 per person would be a good amount of money to get us up there and all the way back?

    If so, should we combine all the money together and have group reliablitiy or everyone spend there own money that they brought?

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    Default Going to the beach?

    Quote Originally Posted by ARTHUR!! View Post
    Do you think that $1500 per person would be a good amount of money to get us up there and all the way back?
    I think $1500 (each) is a reasonable amount of money, but there is no way you should consider driving across the USA and back in a week... Perhaps South Padre Island in Texas would be more reasonable?
    If so, should we combine all the money together and have group reliablitiy or everyone spend there own money that they brought?
    If it were me and my group of friends, I would have each person keep their own counsel and have someone responsible for purchasing the food and fuel for a single day. Or some version of that.


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    Default Go for it*

    I don't see anything wrong with wanting to get out and hit the road with your friends.

    I wouldn't try to cross the country and back in a single week, but as Mark pointed out, you do have some other interesting options at your disposal to make the most of your time.

    Fuel costs will undoubtedly be different at the time of your trip than they are now. It is also the one variable that affects many other items, such as food costs.

    As Michael said, getting yourselves into a campground will save you much aggravation. Worrying about whether you're doing something wrong usually means that you are doing something wrong. Why put up with that frustration? You can instead focus the energy you would have spent worrying into having a good time!

  6. Default transportation

    i went looking for transportation the other day and came across some old vans and motorhomes for a good price. i don't know which would be better. i think it'd be nice to have a motorhome that way if sleeping on the ground gets boring you can have a bed to rest on. but im not sure thats why im asking you?

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    Default something doesn't smell right

    I don't know what you are considering to be a "good price" nor clearly do I have any idea what sort of condition these vehicles are in (do you?) but I've got to say that I'm a little concerned based on your proposed budget.

    I'd be very hesitant to buy a car for a cross country roadtrip for less than around $4k. You might be able to find a suitable mini-van in that price range as well, but you get what you pay for, and I'd have some big questions about a full sized van or an RV at that price point.

    Even at that price, you'd have to spend 2/3 of your total budget on the car, which is going to put you into some real tight spots with the rest of your budget - not to mention how much more you'll have to spend on Gas if you get an RV.

  8. Default

    buying the car isn't going to be in our trip budget, its totally going to be spearte from every ones savings.

    i found a small motor home like a 15 footer for like 1500 dollars with low mileage and it runs good. the only think im worried about is getting over some mountains or hills along the way, and if the gas will cost like 10 times more that it should be.

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    Default things worth worrying about

    Well, the phrase "you get what you pay for" is something I'd be thinking about very strongly. I really can't imagine what condition an RV for $1500 dollars with "low mileage" must be in, nor would I ever say that such a vehicle ran good without a very close inspection by a mechanic. Ask yourself this, this RV is really in such good shape, then why is the owner willing to part with it for just $1500?

    If this RV is really as great as you think, then you shouldn't have any problems going over mountains or the like. But yes, using an RV will pretty dramatically increase your fuel costs. You'll be looking at mpg in the single digits, as opposed to the 20-30s you'd get in a standard car.

  10. Default yea

    true, maybe i should just stick with a van or something

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